49 thoughts on “How to fix Briggs and Stratton lawn mower engine that starts and dies.

  1. I have a 125cc Briggs & Stratton that does the same. But it is not the same with a removable one bolt for the bowl. Its a plastic carb. Can you please help?

  2. My friend, wish I can give you a hug. My lawn mower is a cheap 5 hp and is different from the one in your video and after replacing the spark plug and the filter, still stalled. Anyways I took a look and mine has a plastic canister with a 10mm hex plug at the bottom. Because it doesn't have easy access I had to remove the top lid of the machine and remove the tank and the carburetor. Drained the gasoline, removed the plug, drained the canister, wiped cleaned, put everything back together and broooom. Took me less than 20 mins. Now my lazy 15years old son doesn't have an excuse now to earn his food. Thanks again…

  3. I had the same issue with a Briggs & Stratton 725 series 190cc mower engine, the carburetor jets, all three holes were completed blocked. The reason the air filter unit was not closing properly allowing leaked air contaminated with dirt/crap directly in to the carburetor by passing the filter pad. The nut end of the air filter enclosure had sepsrated from the plastic housing preventing the air filter unit from being closed tightly. Without this video i would never have discovered both issues. Thanks a bunch your a life saver.

  4. I did that and the engine would start and die. Took the carb off the engine and took it apart and cleaned every thing and put it all back together and it would start and die. I zipped tie the engine brake to the handles and start the engine and sprayed some starting fluid in the air cleaner and it ran, I kept spraying a little starting fluid in the air cleaner to keep it running and finally it kept running without the starting fluid ran for a long time and then died. Going to empty the fuel tank and fill it with fresh gas. I think my gas is too old even thought I used Stable in the gas. treatment.

  5. I had the same apparent problem, start up then died, several times in a row, then when it stayed running it was slow speed and stalled out trying to cut the grass. I followed the video step by step, after proper reassembly, the lawnmower wouldn’t start at all. Don’t know the next step in trouble shooting it. 6.5 bs lawn boy.

  6. you have helped me a lot with this fix, I had the same problem, I open the carburetor and sure there was water and fuel mixed up. I clean it and now runs like new! thanks for sharing your quick fix.

  7. Some points. Don't over winter a mower with gas in the tank, Run it till the tank is dry , or, drain it. Never empty your gas can into the mower tank. Keep a small amount of gas in the can so that any water in the can dosen't get into your mower. Buy and keep a spare float bowl gasket . Store it where you can find it. It is a $ 2 part that will cost a lot ( gas, time anger ) if you have to drive somewhere when you really need it. Seven years on I am still using a found by the road , won't keep running, mower.

  8. I said to myself this is not going to work,to easy of a fix expecting to have to do some carb work. Thanks for saving me a bunch of time, it worked like a charm.

  9. I had the exact same problem with my mower. First went to the local hardware store and picked up a new spark plug. No difference. Then turned to Google and found the "official" Briggs & Stratton troubleshooting video that directed me to replace the entire carburetor. I needed to mow the lawn TODAY, so I actually looked at Home Depot's site to see if they had the carb in stock — luckily they didn't! Then I found your video. Five minutes later, my mower was running like a swiss watch. Thank you! I would have otherwise replaced the entire carb for no good reason.

  10. Thanks for the video! Had the same exact issue on our Toro and my husband did exactly what you showed. Started right up like a new motor. Same as the comment below, Saved some $'s on service!

  11. This fixed my problem. Someone threw a snapper mower out on the curb that was in great condition. Mother in law brought it to me to see if I could fix. Shot starting fluid to it and it fired and died. Was pretty sure after that that I had a carb issue. Cleaned the carb real good.. nothing. Came in, youtubed this and bam. fixed it like a champ. Thanks!

  12. Okay, I was psyched, and everything was the same on my engine. Unfortunately, no improvement. Any other ideas?

  13. Thank you. I had full tank of gas also, only I tipped mower so tank was up, with fuel up as well. Took off air cleaner, then removed bowl and cleaned it. Had little trouble starting with no gas in bowl, but finished my yard thanks to you.😎

  14. You may have saved thousands of marriages, hundreds of whiny teens and roughly millions of 911 calls for domestic disputes with sharing this short, helpful video! There's a special place in heaven for heros like you! Lol thank you

  15. Followed your instructions & she started on the first pull. Like many others all I could see were $$ signs. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  16. Thank you for your concise video. I am not at al mechanically inclined, but you gave me the courage to try this, and it fixed the problem and saved my weekend (and a $75 repair, too!) I can't thank you enough…

  17. I changed the spark plug on my mower still couldn’t get the thing to work. After watching this vid and applying his instructions, the thing worked like a charm. Thanks!!

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