37 thoughts on “How To Fix Briggs and Stratton Ratchet Starter

  1. You shot the felt lubrication holder out of the ratchet head when you shot WD 40 in there. I use Power Transmission Fluid to lubricate mine. Works great.

  2. @WilliamLovesGabby How about this, Im a farmer we use the tools that we got son. Its called a tool for a reason, It aids you in doing what you need to do. So shut your mouth and GTFO

    PS: I bought all of those tools with my own money

  3. Done that a time or two, but I use a 3/8 box end wrench to break the ratchet loose. Just did it again today too, My '91 3.5 Horse mower got to the point where the ratchet was growling.

  4. sorry son, but you're not supposed to use ANY form of lubricant on the ratchet balls…
    It's supposed to be installed dry & FREE of oil.
    other than that, I do respect your mechanical skills. especially when using the crankshaft to hold the ratchet to get the cap started, & understanding that someone else had tampered with it before.
    btw I've had ratchets work perfectly fine with only 3 balls in them.

  5. who cares man we use what we got and in canada we use mastercraft all the time so it is life time warranty and if we brake a flywheel we just break evey other one off so go stfu man WilliamLovesGabby is a dick

  6. That's awesome man, me and my buddy are gonna get an electric start 16hp briggs and stratton running. All we need is oil for it and a gas tank. Any tips? By the way this is a red single cylinder motor, not the v-twin

  7. Thanks for a DIY video that solved my pull started problem.  You saved my hours.  Nice job, you're an excellent teacher. 

  8. you oughtta get some white lithium  spray grease, wd 40 is great stuff but it gies away kinda quick so I use that lithium grease in a tube or can after I clean stuff up with wd40. stays great.  and the spray kind can type will keep those bearings sliding a long while. that felt washer blew out under the fly wheel  and you forgot to put that screen back on the fly wheel, I am sure you were in a hurry and did that later though eh? 

      nice job.   i am fixing to go do this same thing to me  45 year old edger. LOL   I put a new cord on it a while back but i didn't mess with the bearings and I am sicking of kicking the starter in the side every time I need to start it. LOL     

      great vid man.  keep up the good work.

  9. Good video.

    One note that I would make is that it is always a good idea to disconnect your spark plug when working on engines.

    Fingers do not grow back.

    Keep up the good work.

  10. Briggs and Stratton recommends torquing that flywheel to about 55 foot pounds of torque. I have tapped mine, as shown here, and had it promptly sheer the sheer pin.

  11. Top notch youngster…. Thanks for adding the most important parts, never leave out the the finer details. You were very explanatory in you video. I give you an A…. This is really going to help the viewers get it done right the first time.. Thank You very much for going above and beyond…..

  12. This is a great video. I followed your clear directions and was able to fix my edger which saved me a bunch of money. Your directions and camera work are great. Thanks again.

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