How To Fix Briggs & Stratton Surging Engine | Nikki Carburetor Cleaning

Bought a cheap lawn mower and the Nikki carburetor was dirty causing the engine to surge. Here I show how I fixed it.

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32 thoughts on “How To Fix Briggs & Stratton Surging Engine | Nikki Carburetor Cleaning

  1. my craftsman was doing the same thing and I bought a new carb. did the same thing with the throttle bouncing up and down like that. new carb didnt do a thing.

  2. A riding lawn mower for $50? it had a steering wheel, the seat was decent and a mower deck!! Crap! I live in the wrong county!

  3. Good video, just one wrong point, the fuel cut solenoid DOES NOT cut fuel from entering the bowl, what it does on engine shutdown is block fuel from entering the main jet at the bottom of the plastic fuel block, fuel to the bowl is controlled by the needle and seat. Thirty year small engine shop owner and Briggs dealer here.

  4. I've had that issue with a carby on a Honda mower,it was surging & running rough at idle speed,it was car caused by a blocked Low speed jet orifice.

    I've had to remove the main jet & emulsion tube to clean that orifice out.

    I've had a Briggs & Stratton push mower engine do it at anything that's at 1/2 a tank or less,it has the tank mounted choke o matic carby on it.

    I tried cleaning the carby out but it still misfires at idle speed with 1/2 a tank of fuel so I think that I have an air leak coming from the vented fuel tank via the choke diaphragm vacuum chamber as the diaphragm is pulsed from the inlet tube side of the carby on the motor.

    They have no pump as such so since they haven't got a gravity fed fuel supply, the fuel is siphoned out by the engines own vacuum, it's a bit like sucking on a drinking straw when drinking.

    So,the diaphragm on mine needs replacing !!!!

  5. excellent video. It's a different kind of carburetor from the one on my 18.5 Hp Briggs and Stratton. I'm having a hard time finding how to adjust the carburetor on this engine. The engine is on a True Value riding lawnmower. Where to find the same kind of carburetor? Thanks,Sean

  6. You are too cool!!! Not my problem, I have a small B&S lawnmower that does this, but I'm looking for a deal on a riding lawnmower with this problem just so I can watch this again…! 🙂

  7. 18.5 ohv intek 05 model briggs and stratton will the carb solenoid cause it to cut off while cutting grass? mine runs fine but at times it acts as if its running out of gas and has a tank half full or more its cuts off I restart it it runs but to idle it up seems like theres no fuel whats the problem? carb been cleaned to fullest as you have showed in this video

  8. I have a brand new carb instaled and it is surging. Also after about 15 minutes of running the choke shuts by itself and shuts the engine down? Any thoughts?

  9. my air fuel mixture r stew has a plastic cap cover or something which prevents me from moving it. how I adjust it or move it

  10. My Briggs 15 hp ohv is doing the same thing, I have installed a new fuel filter and a new carb and it is still surging. What should i be looking at next?

  11. good video…… How are you with generators? Have you done a video or suggestions on setting up the Governor after replacing a carburetor? I have gotten the generator at idle to be set to 60 hertz, but not sure how much the volts should drop after connecting a tool that only pulls a portion of the volts the generator is capable of

  12. A lot of time you can set the governor and fix a surging problem. People mess with the thinking they are getting more power or they just move over time and it will bounce off it causing a surge.

    I think 99% of the time the biggest problem small engines have is a dirty carb. Gas sits in them all winter and gums up.

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