how to fix / clean your starter save money rebuild it your self

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i am doing a q and a please check it out

this is the web site to get the parts and they have a how to video


Update: I got the rebuild kit in from the website above today11/5/14 and I ordered it Saturday night 11/1/14

In this video I am showing you a few things about cleaning your starter for your car. You can save your self lots of money by spending a bit of time doing it your self. Most starters are very close in type and design so with a little practice you might be able to tackle most starters. The website that i am getting the rebuild kit from has a better how to video but does not show how dirty it can be like mine was.

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25 thoughts on “how to fix / clean your starter save money rebuild it your self

  1. This guy who is this guy st where's this guy at you keep saying this guy so I'm looking for somebody else are you just being really friendly and personal you know this guy this guy's part you're pulling apart for this guy that guy's part

  2. Solenoid I think the solenoid switch is going bad that's what usually goes bad you can take that apartment and file down a fresh services but it's a solenoid that big heavy duty switch that 200 amp switch that makes a connection

  3. Best part is at 4:15 – Haha! love it, I'm in the same boat at the moment as to if I should buy a new one or try your method. Thanks for the video! CHEERS SIR!

  4. We can people pay so much for labels. The difference between a Harbor Freight Tool and many other Common Place tools is so slim.

    And then you want to talk shit on people who buy Harbor Freight is an entitled, pretentious snowflake.

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