How To Fix Kohler Valve Cover Mounted Mechanical Fuel Pump – With Taryl

In “Rasta-Taryl, Mon” an educational and instructional video, Taryl will show you How To Fix a Kohler Valve Cover Mounted Mechanical Fuel Pump. You can bypass the old one with a few steps shown by Taryl here. And as always, There’s your dinner!

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45 thoughts on “How To Fix Kohler Valve Cover Mounted Mechanical Fuel Pump – With Taryl

  1. I've said it before & now I'll say it again. This guy is a mechanical repair GENIUS !!! (I've got a 2016 Kohler CV/CH 740 & I'll remember this tip)

  2. Taryl i have a lincoln ranger 8 welder with a 20 hp kohler and its mechanical fuel pump quit working could i do this ? those fuel pump replacements are $100 bucks. mine looked like the one on the video so i might try it

  3. Hi Taryl, can you tell us what the best place would be to pick up pulse on a Kohler Command single CV492S to convert the mechanical pump to pulse? I can drill and tap and install a hose barb, and close off the mechanical pump hole with a home made metal patch over a gasket. I can drill and tap the cover patch, that would be the easiest, if I can pull vacuum at that point. The morons that designed an engine to fill the crankcase with gas in the event of a pump failure should be tortured, then shot. The old lever actuated mechanical pumps on cars were designed to leak outside the block in the event of failure. There should be a class action suit against the people that designed in a case where an entire engine was destroyed in the event of a needle float failure, or a pinhole in a rubber diaphragm. MORONS. Probably the same idiots at Kohler that did not include a shoulder to locate the main seals on the engine case, and put Hydraulic lifters in this engine instead of tappets that can be adjusted. My uncle used to say, "If you can hear em, the vales ain't burnin" Thanks for all the great videos that are extremely well produced without shake, and ridiculous annoying background music, and thanks for the laughs. Adjusting the "Government" had me laughing for days.

  4. Crap, Taryl!!! I hope Bob Marley was better at fixing lawnmowers than making "music". Someone shoulda told that guy to keep his day job (unless he was fixing lawnmowers in the evenings).

  5. I watched your valve cover fuel pump conversion. I was wondering would that trick work with pump mounted in the block. Specifically a m18sq (1992 sears craftsman) with 18 horse kohler? Bastards want to retire on one purchase of a mechanical replacement pump! Keep up the good work!

  6. What would cause a new vacuum fuel pump on a b&s v twin I have replaced the carb, fuel filter, and the pump itself. I can put fuel in the carb and it will we run I am a loss

  7. Rotary makes the pump, but it ranges from $90 to $152 MSRP (#10211, #10273, and #10873 Rotary P/Ns), for the people that want to go with the expensive route.

  8. Awesome but Will this mod work on kohler ch20s 64717 engine on lincoln welder. And also whats up with kohler engine and bent pushrods thanks

  9. I believe you can retrofit any sort of thing on a mower ,particularly when I paid $6.25 AUD to replace the rectifier/voltage regulator in a Honda twin cylinder powered ride on mower on someones mower that my dad was keeping it for in his shed while he was mowing her vacant lot before she moved.

    The original Honda one was cooking batteries at 15 volts so a 12 volt aftermarket motorcycle voltage regulator/rectifier did the trick.

    I've got a $16 AUD fuel pump & $10 AUD fuel pressure regulator that's running a Chevy LS1 V8 engine, no one would know that's running it !!!!

    Hopefully I'm back from my near 6 year Holiday next week & it won't be from Jamaica !!!!

    I will actually be back from Delm,not to them !!!!

    A Delforce won't get that I'm a well person that's back !!!!

  10. I'm gonna do this on my Kohler comand 15, while I can get the mechanical pump replacement for $32, this just makes more sense to me then the mechanical that has a lot of different leak points. Plus my thought is the mechanical will go again, probably weaker after a year, much weaker after 2 and when I go to replace it it will be $40 and continue to climb over the years.

  11. All I can say is these guys are great and I love your videos and it must be the same 13 jackoffs giving you the 👎🏼and they must be jealous mon

  12. Worked like a champ on my Cub Cadet GT2544 lawn tractor. Good call Taryl. Saved me between $35 and $85 depending on where I'd have bought the OEM pump kit. Sending you a fatty bro! 😉

  13. I tried this and can't get it to pump fuel. I set it up with a 1 gallon gas can on the floor  & stuck the fuel line in and cranked the motor over but won't pull the gas.The lines are connected to the pump correctly (pulse/inlet/outlet as per Taryl).What could be the problem.It's a 20hp Kohler Command.

  14. Doesn't this fix allow oil to mist up and go into the fuel lines ? Just asking cause I am having fuel pump problems with a Kohler th575s. Thanks.

  15. Well….. you had the right idea when you stated the problem with the stock setup, that being if there is an internal leak the gas goes in your engine and ruining it in short order. My fix was a low pressure electric fuel pump and instead of blocking off the inlet and outlet nipples on the valve cover gasket I simply ran a hose in an endless loop on those nipples and cut the fuel line and ran it along the base of the engine. I also installed a fuel shutoff valve BEFORE the fuel pump in case the pump needed replacement. The reason for this was that if the fuel tank is filled the gas will seek its own level and it avoids a mess in the future. A very easy fix and vastly superior to the stock setup. About 1/3 the cost of a Cub Cadet pump/valve cover kit from the dealer. And you don't even have to take off the valve cover to do it. It's been one year and all is well so far. If the fuel pump needs replacing I estimate it to be a 10 minute job..

  16. Hi Taryl, I have a Harbor freight 420cc motor in a Yamaha G9 golf cart. The motor will run at low speed but goes dead or chokes out at high speed. can you give some info on what to do or look for.

  17. I used the method in video "How to repair Kohler K Series fuel pump". It works perfectly. After I completed the conversion, I saw that I could have "gutted" the old fuel pump by removing the push rod and check valves as shown in this video. I would still have to used the vacuum fuel pump, but it would have saved me from having to make the plate and using the 1/8" fitting. Great videos. Thanks for taking the time to make them.

  18. Watch where you schmokin dat chit mun! I heard dems coppers outside of you door mun! Dat fuel pump conversion be some cool ass chit! Looks like da old Ford carburbrator accelerator pumps dat used to go bad back in da day mun.

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