How to Fix Nikki Carb on Briggs Intek 10 HP

Damn engine would not idle.
Took carb off and cleaned it out.
Nikki Carb had some dirt and /or debris inside the carb.

Cleaned it up and put back together and worked flawless.
migth have been ethanol gas ? – not sure I use only premium gas and it has no ethanol or minimal.

Even been inside engine?
Stihl 044 pistin change
How to fix it your self

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9 thoughts on “How to Fix Nikki Carb on Briggs Intek 10 HP

  1. How do you unscrew those pins? I have to clean my Nikki carb and can't figure it out without using a pair of vice grips and ruining the threads. Thanks

  2. I have been following your posts for quite some time. Do you have any experience with the MZ 202 engine. I just purchased a brand new one, and am installing it on my scratch built, home built plane. This is the fourth plane I have built. Most likely will be my last. Stuff has just gotten too high .Shoot me a E-Mail at, and I will send you pictures of my build.

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