4 thoughts on “How To Fix Or Repair A Broken Spark Plug Wire and Boot On Lawn Mower

  1. I was cutting grass recently. The boot came loose 19 times. That final time the mower also ran out of gas. What can I do? The mower worked fine once I plugged the boot back in. Someone really changed the spark plug. A peacock adopted us awhile back. He likes to keep me company while I mow. It's because the mower stirs up bugs for him to eat.

  2. lol…That's pretty funny. You can use some black electrical tape to secure the spark plug boot to the wire. This should help prevent it from coming loose.

  3. What I did after I snapped the wire back into the boot : make sure it's pushed in as far as it'll go and then use a very small hose clamp over the boot to keep the wire from coming back out. It's one of those clamps that can be tightened w/ either a screwdriver or a 1/4 inch socket.

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