How To Fix or Repair A Honda WT30X Trash Pump or Water Pump that is Not Pumping – With Taryl

In “The Stuhl Sample” another hilariously informative how-to video, Taryl shows us how to properly install a shim washer on a Honda Water Pump. It may take a few tries with different shim sizes until you find the right one that works without it rubbing, but Taryl shows you what to do and how to get the job done right. Make sure you wash your hands before your dinner on THIS how-to on how to fix a non-pumping water pump! Be sure to ‘Like’ us on FaceBook and Subscribe to our channel for all the latest updates and info!

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35 thoughts on “How To Fix or Repair A Honda WT30X Trash Pump or Water Pump that is Not Pumping – With Taryl

  1. @taryl
    I have a BE TP-4013HM, it is brand new and will not prime, I've check the seals, master seal looks good no burning, I've checked the inlet flapper and everything, but I can not get it to prime. the impeller is the key style that doesn't thread on, it does not have any shims on it. im not sure what else to do other than to rebuild the entire pump and seals. but its brand new

  2. Кому интересно, в двух словах и по русски: зазор между крыльчаткой и корпусом должен быть от 0,4 мм до 0,8 мм. Автор намерил больше 1 мм и понизил зазор. Для Honda wt 40x номер регулировочных шайб: 78122-YG2-003.

  3. I'm a maintenance mechanic at a wastewater treatment plant, that would be just another day at the office for me. (Probably cleaner actually)

  4. Ok, it was funny. It was sick. I almost threw up when that crap spilled all over your shop floor. …I loved it! Imma take your advise next time I work on one of these and use rubber gloves.

  5. Don't know if you're still looking at these post. But I have an old Honda WT20 with a G200 engine. The pump sat out for about 6 years and a lot of things when bad. Motor is good but gas tank is shut and can't find one any more. I wanted to replace the engine with a newer one, however when trying to take the dam thing appart I run into an issue with the casing, it calls for it to rotate about 30 degrees counter clock wise, prior to removing impeller. Problem I have is don't know how to move that casing it seams ceased and hove no idea how to or where to hit it to make it rotate. Have you worked on these type of trash pumps? Any tips on how I can make that casing rotate?

  6. what would cause the pull cord to be hard to pull and sometimes it will snapback and it jerksthe cord from your hand.. I bought this pump and it was a display model.. 6.5 hp 9540 gph

  7. Hi Taryl, I see you have a pressure washer behind you there and was wondering if you have any videos about fix them. I have one that won't start even after changing the fuel, checking the spark plug gap, and spraying some starting fluid in the carburetor. Do you have any advice?

  8. You guys are great…:) Im a retired Firemen(pretty much disabled) but I keep going.. My wife is a big help for sure. Anyway we supply water to Cal Fire in the Summer. My problem I have a Berkely Pump Bzrm. It is located under the water truck. PaTO driven,, The shaft is spinning but now water or it is intermittent. Im thinking dirt in the impeller? Also the bearing is shot, loud whine, it is 16 years old. Time for a rebuild? I thought so.

  9. Hi Taryl, I just found you video and have a different problem with a 20X model, basically same pump. Its quite new, but suddenly the pull cord wont pull. Tried taking the spark plug out and still wont pull. Took off recoil and it pulls freely in hand, but the motor wont turn over. Could you make any suggestions?

  10. you are awesome your videos are funny and educational I am a small engine mechanic at a dealership and watching you I learn different ways of doing stuff keep up the good work

  11. Good thing you fixed it. I'd hate to see a good piece of equipment get sh!@tcanned. lol! I think I smelled something from Caddyshack in there 😉

  12. Harry "LOG JAMB" Stulh ! He is the best in the overflowing toilet plunging business!! It must have been an honor to smell your hand after shaking his! SMELL YA LATER TARYL

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