how to fix the briggs and stratton automatic choke carb Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now

how to fix the briggs and stratton automatic choke carb Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now



26 thoughts on “how to fix the briggs and stratton automatic choke carb Davidsfarmison[bliptv]now

  1. Thanks for very informative video. Two days ago I had to open my gas-tank and carburetor to find out why its not starting after a winther with the lawnmover staying partly outside outside in rain and snow (not the smartest….).

    Not easy to understand everything and how it works without a manual or partslist, but this video explains lots of details in an effective way without bullshit-talking 🙂

    Now I know a lot more for next time service – thank you.

  2. I have the same motor, but its on a Klippo (I think its swedish(?) biomachine with alu-skirt (easy to carry). I would think mine is max 10 years, but yours is 40 years? They probably dont make this quality anymore.


  3. This might be the best instructional video I've ever seen. Is there a good mail-order place to get these old parts?

  4. @ 0:25 the last choke a matic carbs made in the 90s had a bi-metalic coil that held a warm engines choke open. I got one of these newer choke a matic carbs and im rebuilding it for my 3.5 horse

  5. Does anyone know the part number for the larger diaphragm? I have a very very similar engine on an old Toro 19 Whirlwind from 1973. The choke-o-matic feature is frustrating sometimes.

  6. I have a briggs & stratton 85 model which will only run if I hold the rear wheels of the mower up in the air around 5 – 7 inches, once I return the mower to level the engine stops, any idea's on what would cause this. Carby has been fully overhauled with a new kit and tank cleaned out to replace with new fuel

  7. Thanks so much for posting this and your other videos! I've spent the past couple days trying to resurrect an OLD B&S push mower and I've FINALLY been able to get it up and running great with the info in your vids. Very clear and to the point, and well-illustrated. Thanks again!

  8. I was having similar problem, even after I replaced the diaphragm. I took it apart again and compared the two diaphragms , and the only difference was the diaphragm spring on the new one was maybe 1/16 longer, replaced the spring with the old one and it worked fine

  9. THANK YOU! If I hadn't watched this, I would never have realised I'd put the large spring in on the wrong side of the diaphragm when trying to get an old briggs mower running after 20+ years. You're right, it works much better with the spring on the correct side 🙂

  10. why o why did they use these piece of shit carbs in the first place? love the new float carbs with air vain mechanical choke openers much much better desighn

  11. choke o matic carburetors (the one shown in the video) are the best carbs you can get for these types of engines with the gas tank right below the carb.

  12. You know what,What a wealth of info dood,This is one of the greatest information vids given on this automatic choke ive seen up to now,Its great that you also explain other problems that may be wrong.I am a great believer that its so important to know all problems that could go wrong are explain to people because you might of picked up on many other problem with the choke/carb they might of had,Thank you for showing this to all, 

  13. This video is great!  I just "fixed" my carb and the engine ran great BUT it wouldn't start when I shut if off.  After watching your video, I noticed I must have lost the choke spring during disassembly.  Found it later crushed on the garage floor.  Now I will buy a new gasket with spring and all should be really fixed.  My thanks….

  14. Great Video!! I have saved it for use in the future, you sure know these little gas engines like the back of your hand, thanks for sharing your hard earned knowledge.

  15. You gave me the clue to look for a gasket leak. I had no fluid on the tank but the gasket was wet at the edges. I replaced them and it runs like new again.Now I need to find the automatic choke spring for my 4.5hp B&S.Thank you!

  16. What year or serial # is this engine. I have 62 montgomery ward riding mower and can't find this carb #.driving me insane.

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