How To Fix Your Briggs & Stratton 7.75 Ready Start Engine That's Racing (Governor) with Taryl

In “Lawn Mower Yoga”, Taryl goes over what could be wrong with your Briggs and Stratton 7.75 Ready Start engine that’s racing or revving too high. Taryl goes over the symptoms as well as the solution to the problem. Could be your governor’s bad. Prior to and after the fix, Slippers suggests Taryl start doing yoga in order to solve his back problems. Much to his avail he agrees and not only does it solve his problems but also gives him a world famous idea, Lawn Mower Yoga. Check it all out here! And as always, There’s Your Dinner!!

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26 thoughts on “How To Fix Your Briggs & Stratton 7.75 Ready Start Engine That's Racing (Governor) with Taryl

  1. Greetings…. question for you. have a little power plus washer. starts good, runs, bogs down/cuts off when trigger is pulled. is that spring on carb issue?

  2. actually brother n alternator n generator r technically different things, n red n crimson r absolutely different colors sry i jus had to pick that nit :p

  3. Yeah briggs says never change the oil just add oil on the new motors. they take away the drain plug. sounds like "dont maintain your motor so youll be buyin a new one in 2 years. that whole "just add oil" thing tempts people to over fill.

  4. I wonder if NASA be like “leaky booster tank O ring? Foam fell off and broke heat shield tiles? Don’t worry about it. It ain’t a lawn mower engine”.

  5. My Toro Timemaster with a 190cc briggs engine with auto choke does the same thing with the choke flapping…. It clears up when it warms up. Is there anything else I can look for or is this gonna be my issue?

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