How To Fix Your Leaking Snow Blower Carb – Briggs Or Tecumseh – Video

Is your carburetor leaking or pouring fuel out of your carburetor on the air filter side or does it flood into your engine oil making the oil smell like gasoline? No matter what side it’s leaking from, it’s the same repair. Watch now to see how to easily stop your snow blower or snow thrower carb from leaking fuel.

This applies to almost all 4 stroke 4 cycle engines, with the float bowl on the bottom, on snow blowers, riding lawn mowers, walk behind lawn mowers, water pumps, generators, general purpose engines, etc.

This video ONLY deals with Briggs and Stratton or Tecumseh carburetors.

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47 thoughts on “How To Fix Your Leaking Snow Blower Carb – Briggs Or Tecumseh – Video

  1. Hi Steve,
    My Makuni carb on an fb460v as22 is similar to the one you repaired. I removed all components, cleaned cleaned everthing, assembled it and in the end, I could not get fuel into the bowl. I'll get a Het Anker Ambrio from the fridge and go and check everything again, following your guidelines.
    Thanks for your great video. NEVER let your camera-man go!
    Greetings from your Belgian fan.

  2. I've done everything in the video tested out the needle and seat, didn't leak but when I put it all together and primed the system it starter leaking from the passage the main jet squirts through. Any suggestions?

  3. You really made me laugh.. Had a Carlsberg IPA, when I was messing around with my carburator. Then I went to look for a solution as to why it kept flooding and I found your video. Thanks for a great video 🙂

  4. Hello Steve, My Tecumseh has a valve with a spring on the underside of the bowl (yours doesn't have one it looks like. That is the part that is leaking, is there a washer that needs replaced on that little valve?

  5. Mine leaks when i prime it….dont know if it is leaking while running? but fuel line is fine…no cracks ill try a new kit.

  6. Steve, you are the first YouTuber I have found that actually explains and shows things clearly. This video made fixing my snow blower so much easier. Now if you want to have fun cooking, check out my cooking show Funguy The Entertainer here on YT. Thanks again for the video I am not very mechanical and this helps a lot so I subscribed!

  7. Hi Steve, I also like my beer and to work on small engines,you are a great help to me and I admire you for your knowledge about whatever it is that you might be working on. Please keep the great videos headed my way.

  8. Tecumseh makes a little tool for that o ring. It looks like a very small knitting needle on one side. The other side has a small stud that fits in the center of the seal. I’ll have to check the part number on it at work today.

  9. Excellent! I do have one question though. How the heck do you get the darn linkage off the bellcrank. My B&S has a plastic cap of some sort and I cannot get it off there without risking damage.

  10. Great information my snow blower been leaking every time I prime it. I'm going to order the parts and a six pack of those special carburetor beers.

  11. I've fixed a 100 of these if I've fixed one. Seems 99% of the time it's a dirty, worn out carb.
    Kind of look forward to a valve or ring job once in awhile…

  12. Thank's Steve ,hey my Techumsa carb has a rubberized tip on it's needle and it looks like a brass seat, can I upgrade to the type you have shown, had to switch to the hard stuff,no heat in my garage.

  13. Any locally-made India Pale Ale (IPA) is my go-to carburetor beer. Blue Pants from Madison Alabama used to be a favorite before they closed up shop. Good People out of Birmingham Alabama is a very close second, their IPA is very good, and the Snake Handler Double IPA is fantastic! Yummy!

  14. I want to thank you Steve! I've used several of your videos to help fix so much of my equipment.. it's sad really. So thank you good sir, you've made some amazing videos. And as far as liquids to drink while doing repairs.. forget beer, captain and coke or jameson and 7up. you'll never mistake that smell for fuel or leftover fluids lol

  15. Steve, do you have a fix for a fuel leak from the bowl retaining bolt ??
    I replaced the retaining bolt washer but still have a leak.
    Should I just replace the carb on the snowblower altogether 🤔

  16. Tecumsey, tecumsah… Great video as always. I have a tool that looks like a knitting needle to remove and replace those old rubber seats but apparently, a compressor works just as well.

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