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  1. To be clear, Brush Research specifically says "do not use solvents for honing".  WD-40 in a solvent.  20wt oil, trans fluid, tapping fluid, etc.  Even vegetable oil.  But not WD-40. 
    Also, for cleaning after – Wash with warm soapy water and a nylon brush (Brush Research sells those too), then WD-40 then final clean with AFT.  AFT will remove residue from the cylinder that WD-40 won't. 

  2. Thanks. Its a good vid, just wanted to get the additional info out. Brush says solvent can weaken the bonds on the abrasive. At nearly $90 you'd want it to last a long time. Also, if you plan to buy, check pricing at Brush Research. A 4.125 hone was cheaper there than my accounts a Summit or Jegs. Local cost at this time to have this done is around $65 so two uses pays for the tool.

  3. You guys are over complicating the process.  The reason you use lubrication is to extend the life of the hone and help the balls cut into the metal.  The WD-40 thing is not that big of a deal.  WD-40 will not due any more damage to the cylinders than the exploding fuel will do to the cylinders.  The manufactures of these products are human and have personal preferences that get worked into their manuals.  If it were not for person opinion, you would not have rules, guidelines or any other type of documentation to begin with. 

  4. Can I cylinder-deglaze at home effectively??? (part 1 – how to)

    I second WD-40 however I do use the traditional hone- specialty tool, it was a little more cost effective. Also view part 2 to look at the final cross hatching, wd-40 does a great job!

  5. TheFRiNgEguitars5 months ago (edited)
    +Chris Kelly Water is the best for honing. All the factories use running water, copious amounts of running water. The reason: The metal being removed needs to be continuously flushed away. The stones remain clean and do their job. The result is a cleaner crosshatch.
    I was wondering if what "TheFRiNgEguitars5" is saying that running water over my cylinder while using a flex hone will wash away the metal shavings and lubricate the cylinder walls or if I need to just do like the video but with oil instead of WD-40 ?

  6. This is the best video I've seen on YouTube for honing. Good job. I've used motor oil and even hydraulic jack oil once (drizzled it on my hone as it was turning inside), but I think I like the idea of WD-40 sprayed on the stones to flush away the shavings, it's a better idea. Also, I usually don't run more than about 10 or 15 seconds inside the cylinder (seems like I read that in an official text book when taking my diesel tech class).

  7. $35.00 you got a good deal! Is the 240 their fine grit or do they make finer still? how many blocks do you estimate the hone will do before its worn out.
    Do you think there's much difference between the 4 and 4-1/8 version, the 4-1/8 might work faster in the 4 bore?

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