10 thoughts on “How To “Hotwire”/Start An Engine Without Ignition Switch

  1. Good, but if your starter switch is really toasted,…one must replace the switch…just get yur model tractor and get the switched replaced; plugging in wires, as originally connected.

  2. Why don't you troubleshoot the real problem? It can only be a number of things. If you can get it to start by jumping out the control side of the solenoid then it has to be 1 of 3 things. Either the ignition switch in the dash is bad and that's really not that uncommon. Or it's 1 of the safety switches. Either the one on the blade engagement lever is bad or the one on the clutch pedal is bad. Probably the 1 on the clutch pedal. It could be a broken or shorted wire but that's literally the least common cause unless the mower is 20 plus years old.

  3. Couldn't find an insulated wire to use… but I did have jumper cables. Clamped one end to the positive then touched the other end to the little bolt on the starter & she fired right up. Think I've got a bad ignition switch from leaving her in the rain all the time. ps… it's a 2013 Craftsman LT2000. Thanks for the video!

  4. Great video last of the loyal. I live on a homestead and picked up A JD 160 1985 20 Kawasaki. Someone has tried to cheat all safeties and has a mess. Since it will be a tractor to motor around the hilly homestead for it has tractor like tires on the rear. I would like to have an on off switch coupled with a push button to start. It is mess right now but it has a John Deere tractor spring seat the old type and a Massey Fergerson Steering wheel which makes not having power steering a non issue. It has boxes with fins under the dash and small boxes with 2 red wires going in and a few other boxes. I plan on no lights, no mower I just need it to pull my cart. Can you help me. Thanks for your time. Respectfully Jack

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