How To Identify Model & Serial Numbers On Snowblower Engines

This video helps you to identify the model and serial numbers on your snowblower engine. These numbers are often required when buying parts.

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27 thoughts on “How To Identify Model & Serial Numbers On Snowblower Engines

  1. a lot of different spots… a flash light an magnifiers help , log in you part book for your
    customer snow blower or you own stuff or mark in a note pad on smart phone. Great job Don that is half the battle .double thumbs up. cheer s

  2. hi don,i have a briggs&stratton 135202-1159-e1 206cc engine that was givin' to me and it doesn't seem to want to start? help

  3. I was able to find the numbers on the two older 3hp engines (briggs & tecumseh) I just picked up thanks to this video. Now I can start ordering the parts I need. Thanks donyboy!!!!!!

  4. Hey Donnyboy73, you saved the day, AGAIN. Model number is under the starter button, who would've guessed. Why couldn't the local shop tell me that.  All they wanted me to do was bring it in so they could work on it. I was going to buy the parts from them but not now.

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