How To Identify Your Holley & Demon Carburetor

If you own a vehicle with a carburetor on it, sooner or later you’ll want to rebuild it or maybe replace some service parts! But how do you know that you are getting the right parts?
When it comes to identifying your carburetor it’s not as simple as just saying “I have a Holley or a Demon”. That’s like telling the parts guy behind the counter “I need a water pump for a V8”! He’s going to need some more information!



10 thoughts on “How To Identify Your Holley & Demon Carburetor

  1. Can you please help me? I found my list number but I cant find a name for the actual carb to see of it is compatible with the efi conversion super sniper kit or blowthrough turbocharging. The list number is 80460 and the date is 1975. Please help me.

  2. Found my number but according to every carb site that uses the list number search system my old holley carburetor doesn't exist. P.S. the number as your video instructed me to find is 4027-S if you can advise me on what i have i would be grateful.

  3. I have an old Dominator that has a casting number of 12R-4325B that came with the quad velocity stacks. For the life of me, I can't find a listing number anywhere on the carb body. Was there a special place that I should be looking on this particular body?

  4. Good information except my date code reads 862. If this lump of junk is that old ill be buying a new one cos im not gonna fart about trying to make that ballache work….

  5. Hi, i have a 1972 dodge dart swinger with a Slant 6 engine with a holley single (1) barrel carb, on the side its stamped 12R5435B i went on the holley forum but couldnt find anyting.

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