How to Install a Piston and Rings

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Shows how to install piston rings and the piston to the connecting rod in an engine, which can be a small (e.g. Predator 212cc, Briggs) or any automotive engine. Installing piston rings and a piston into the bore is part of a build playlist to add performance mods to a mini bike engine. Installing piston rings and a performance piston will allow you to have less horsepower robbing drag, and let you reliably rev to very high rpms. A performance piston is only one part of the puzzle, and should be used in conjunciton with other performance parts for maximum performance and safety.

Amazon and Ebay Links to Tools in Video:
Piston Ring Expanding Pliers
Piston Ring Compressor
Assembly Lube
Needle Nose Pliers
Snap/Retaining Ring Pliers (for snap retaining rings)
Engine Break In Oil
Briggs 5 hp flathead Billet Rod
Predator 212cc Billet Rod (hemi/non-hemi)
Inch Pound Torque Wrench
12 Point Socket Set

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28 thoughts on “How to Install a Piston and Rings

  1. Hey bro I just saw u video .. I just go 98 intruder ., blue smoke come after the bike die in a red light I started agiain I have to keep givin gas to no die …I get home I turn off and after 20 minutes I start again is when the blue smoke come from the pipe for like 5 seconds a lot later less and less till no more later nothing I have been riding for like 2 days and no more smoke … what u think tha happen ? Thanks …, great great video

  2. mine slowly reveals gradual amounts of oil creeping up from the cylinder walls. None of the rings are broken and look fine, the cylinder wall looks perfect, it shows the original machining texture

  3. Does it mater the piston orientation in the block ? Mine isn’t marked ! Some I’ve done had markings , an arrow or a line or something , this one isn’t . It’s a HSK70 Tecumseh .

  4. Wow. Smooth presentation (no ums,ers,ahs), lots of light so you can see what's going on, subject covered effectively.I have used some other youtube videos for car maintenance and repairs but this is my first foray into rings/pistons and stuff like that. I think I got lucky and found a good source right off the bat. Will look for your other videos, thanks!

  5. Thanks for this video, also, I didn't know how to do the piston when doing my billet rocker arm. Come OOONNNNNNNN, tax returns. ( ; ) )

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