How To Lubricate & Service – Briggs & Stratton 15 Inch Concrete Surface Cleaner

Even the inexpensive $69.00 Surface Cleaners for your Pressure Wash Business deserve a little TLC. Want More Pressure Wash Videos? Please consider donating either publicly or anonymously to the St Jude Children’s Research Hospital:
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26 thoughts on “How To Lubricate & Service – Briggs & Stratton 15 Inch Concrete Surface Cleaner

  1. I wish I had found this earlier.  My bushings got worn out and probably need to be trimmed (there's some flashing on the edges).  It was so jammed up I had a very difficult time separating the stainless center from the brass housing.  I'll have to try it out tomorrow.  Thanks!

  2. I took mine apart after the first time I used it and regreased it. But wow you used a lot of grease, I just lightly used a little grease and I also greased the spacers. Mine has been working great for 6 months still. But I would think that using that much grease would eventually clog it up.

  3. Hi Dan, I would definitely recommend using a small pin to clean the jets while you have it apart. They do clog up causing it not to spin.

  4. Thanks for this video. I have the same surface cleaner and it stopped spinning. After watching your video I was able to fix it. Saved me $70!

  5. Thanks for the great library of pressure washing videos! I have watched about a third of them so far as I just got my first unit, 2.8/3200/CAT Triplex/GX200. I am now considering a business as a result of watching them. I bought a Briggs-Stratton surface cleaner at Lowes this am and discovered when I got home it was a 14" with nozzles on the tips, unlike the video of the 15" model where the tips did not appear to have them. Is one better than the other? Should I keep the 14" or take it back for the 15".

  6. I have the red one from Home Depot and it hung up today and has a little slop already am I screwed or will greasing it help out? I've only done a driveway and one sidewalk with it

  7. Thanks for the helpful video. 
    I have a 2800 PSI washer. Mine worked great one time last year now it doesn't spin. I put lube on it and spins slow and stops after a few minutes. Water comes out of the tips so I don't think it's clogged.
    I saw in your comments I might have over tightened it to much. I'll loosen it up a bit and see if it works.

  8. We were looking for a hint about getting the stick unstuck from the attachment so we could see if the spinning problem was because the filter was clogged. This was the right solution to the spinning problem!

  9. Hi Dan, Great video. I have a similar one, the Homelite 15 in. EZ Clean Gas Surface Cleaner it's red. The mechanics look identical to yours so thank you for the tips on how to lubricate. While using mine recently I noticed a lack of pressure and discovered that in the top of the fixture there is a what they call a high-pressure water filter does yours have this water filter? I removed the water filter and the pressure came back I don't really see the need for a water filter in the top of the surface cleaner considering that there are not filters at the end of your wands and there's also a filter at the water inlet for the garden hose. The replacement filter is only about three bucks but I am considering not replacing it and just leaving it out, curious as to what are your thoughts on this? Also while I'm at it what are your thoughts or what are the rules for pressure washing in the rain. I am in Florida and it rains every day should you push on through or stop when it rains? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

  10. I bought a used one at an auction. Used it for the first time tonight and it works well IF I don't torque the bolt down all the way (leaving it loose). If I crank it even remotely tight, it won't spin, even by hand. Any thoughts?

  11. Brand new unit sprayed with 3-in-1 Lithium White grease before first use.
    Worked for 45 minutes and then stopped spinning.
    Cleaned dirt out of filter and re-greased, but still not rotating under pressure. This thing is a POS.
    BTW, mine has another washer/gasket (black material) which sits inside the brass housing.
    I did not see this washer in your video?!?

  12. Great vid. I just ordered a 15" Yamaha, only because my motor is a Honda. All of the surface cleaners looked the same i.e. Simpson, Yamaha, briggs..ect I'll report back and let you know if it's the same.

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