33 thoughts on “How to make an electric start for small engines

  1. Why invest your time and money fucking around with that junk other than just to do it? Its junk! It's an old lawnmower. I just made a mistake taking my old B&S to my guy, Jacques, before researching the issue. God knows what he'll charge me, but, I've determined it only had too much oil!!! I've been paying his mortgage for 2 months!!

  2. somone needs to show homeboy how to hack him self up some new shoes thoes shoes look like that lawn mower lol i think i see a pattern here. brother you dont need an electric start you need some shoes first if your going to put your self out there on the wide web and second get rid of that fucking poor lawn mower…the shoes and the lawn mower gotta go to the shit yard lmao oh shit all in good fun no offense i hope we can laugh and no one gets offended people are funny oh oh!!!i know what it is dude mowed his ass offmowed so much he wore those crusty ass shoes till they looked like sandles….actually they was looking like they(the shoes)was getting ready to say somthing lol wonder what his choneys look like probly just a bug ass rubber band with one brown string but we probly gonna see that on the next video titled"how to jump a homeless person for his shoes and choneys"first we will need a half a doughnut for bait….im cracking up right now sorry man no offense i havnt laughed in a long time your video made my day .!!!!!seriouslyyou got moxy thank you

  3. It says electric start ,your drill starting ,bad named tittle ,don't keep doing as you burn the crap out of your drill ,it's compression that causes it not to rotate as motor gets bigger ,if you have a bigger motor and whip plugs out and rotates as fast as a small motor ,plugs back in an it won't rotate ,thus compression

  4. Ive used my harbor freight battery powered drill to start my 15.5hp rider! if you want to start a rider with a drill, Make sure to have the throttle at or near idle…

  5. Warning!!! I start lots of small engine like this when they come into my shop for repair and the pull start is missing. If there is a problem with the engine like a sheared flywheel key or the valves are out of adjustment, the engine will kick back turning the drill backwards. This can seriously damage your wrist and fingers. Be careful

  6. use the correct adapter or an impact driver and it's a way easier diy. also instead of a bunch of those plastic ties, use a cable cuff you find at the big box stores. I use one to keep my mower going when I leave it.

  7. Why would you prime the carburetor again after it was running 30 seconds ago? That's why it didn't start right back up. Quick way to flood the engine

  8. Hey hopefully you respond but I have a 212 6.5 horsepower predator engine but the compression on this thing could rip your damn arm off do you think this would work on that? Or is it really worth buying an electric starter? Also I'm new to engines so could you help me out a bit, what is the part/parts I would need to make the engine start with a key?

  9. a lawn mower repair shop will sell you a used one for pretty cheep if thay have one. nice shoes i think there ready for the trash.
    thats a 100 dollor mower maybe buy a new one.

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