HOW TO Make Your Tecumseh SNOWKING Engine Idle & Stop Surging

If all else fails try this simple procedure. This is for the Tecumseh Snowking snowblower engine with a fixed air mixture screw.

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22 thoughts on “HOW TO Make Your Tecumseh SNOWKING Engine Idle & Stop Surging

  1. This was EXACTLY the problem with my 22yr old blower. I found if I loosened that screw, it would run OK but of course the engine vibration causes the loose screw to get looser and fall out. I had to run the smallest drill bit from my numbered set through the end hole to clean out hardened gum in there as a small wire would not do it.

  2. 15 year old slowblower now purrs like a kitten thanks to you. It hadn't run in 3 years due to a broken starter motor bracket and it typically wouldn't start the first time in a season any other way. I welded up the bracket earlier in the fall and was pleased that the machine still ran – though not well. Followed this video and a small tweek on the idle screw and the machine runs better than I ever remember it. And it starts on less than a full pull.

  3. Newer fuel contains alcohol. It gums up the jets very easily. I use a product called "Sea Foam". It's a fuel stabilizer and works great for engines that sit. mix about 1 oz per gallon of gas.

  4. just a tip. I use wire from guitar strings. they come in various sizes and some are wound and work like a gentle file. steel string electric and classical guitars have different strings. Shops that sell guitars usually string them and cut off the excess, so you can get them for free.

  5. Hi Dony. I have a Toro 824XL Snow Thrower. I put on a new non-adjustable carb. Do you know if I can take the mixture adjustment off my old adjustable carb and use it to replace the non-adjustable jet on the bottom of the fuel bowl?

  6. Hi donyboy73. I picked up a John Deere trs32. Won't run unless I sprayed into carb. Tryed cleaning carb still same condition. Can you give me a link of where to get a carburetor for that thing.

  7. Don; I just came into my house an am writing you. I performed this technique on my poorly running snow blower about 1 hour ago and it runs well now !! :-D. Thanks for your guidance MY Friend. Now I can't wait for Snow***. Just kidding !!!! about the SNOW. It's a good feeling when your machine runs good. Cheers !!***.

  8. thank you for making this video. totally fixed my surging engine .. it idles perfectly now . liked and subscribed .

  9. 7½ years later and you're still performing miracles! I was at my wits end and thought I had tried everything, cleaned the carb, drained the gas, refilled with premium & watched countless useless videos until I found this one … My Toro 826LE's never run this good!!!! … THANK YOU!!!!

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