How to make your vertical shaft lawnmower horizontal

So you’ve got an old lawnmower that you want to use on a go-kart, motorized bike,or whatever cool thing you’ve dreamed of but not sure how to switch it from a vertical shaft to a horizontal shaft….. lucky for you ill show you how.. ill make the engine horizontal…. later ill add a video of it installed in something fun…



28 thoughts on “How to make your vertical shaft lawnmower horizontal

  1. Someone gave me a toro recycler self propelled mower for free. It has the Kohler engine. It wouldn’t start. Only start and die. I finally got it running good

  2. U can BUY a 6.5 hp horz. shaft for less than $100 new. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about messing around with just about anything mechanical or electrical cuz I luv it and i`m good at it but this seriously doesn't make any sense.

  3. hay man thanks for the info you are cool man well done .that always pissed me off why i could not sort that problem out . thanks

  4. All you need is a flinger ie a bit of bent tin on the end of the con rod to splash lubricate the engine but it must splash the bore not just dip the crank.

  5. "we ain't using that shit"…I like you Ben. Must be from Michigan or Ohio. At least you know proper engine terminology and know how they work.
    Would rebuild a V8 with you over a case of Blatz or Pabst/10

  6. That is not the governor. It is the oil slinger. As you said, that engine does not have a pressurized oil system therefore no pump. The slinger throws oil up on the moving parts so they get lubricated. I quit watching at that point because I could see that you have nothing to offer.

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