How to measure for a go-kart drive belt.

This video will show you how to properly measure your driver and driven to get the proper size drive belt for your go-kart. Order belts online at:

How to replace the reverse cable on a 150cc Hammerhead, TrailMaster and Manco go-kart.

This reverse cable works on all Hammerhead 150cc go-karts as well as most Carter and other Chinese go-karts. Total length of cable is 61″ with round balls on both ends. Keep a spare around to avoid down time. Order now at:

Find more off road go kart parts at



8 thoughts on “How to measure for a go-kart drive belt.

  1. I tried calling that number a few times but i never got an anwser..i need that exact belt for my hammer head go cart..any advice would be helpful

  2. i have a Commuter 340cc Sasquatch 3 wheeler, and i don't know what the size of the belt us. so can you please help me find out the correct size belt i need for my 3 wheeler?

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