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  1. ohh ok, i got ya now! ring expander tool, yeah, you will probably want to replace it, just to be on the safe side, even a little scratch on the outside of a ring can cause problems, thats how sensitive they are.

  2. Hey, i have a question for you. What does it mean when i have gasoline in my oil of my 13.5 Briggs and stratton and oil on the spark plug. When my engine shut off and when the oil hit the spark plug, oil was also coming out of the exhaust.

  3. Very common problem! What usually happens is the float sticks in the carburetor or a bad needle valve, lets gas pour through the carburetor past the intake valve / piston / rings into the crankcase with the oil. Don't run the engine! Fix the carburetor (sometimes the float will stick or you may need to replace the needle valve) then most importantly, do a oil a change, you do not want gas in the oil, it will destroy the engine. After you do a oil change it will smoke for a while after >>>>>>

  4. burning all the oil out of the exhaust/muffler. I had this happen on a 14.5 last summer, drained out 3 quarts or "oil"!!! hope this helps, thanks for watching!!!

  5. the float is inside the carburetor, i'll pm you a link to one of my other videos that i take the carburetor apart on, i go into detail on it. you will probably have to adjust the tab on the float that sets the float's level. you can leave the valve and float in place and just get in with a small screwdriver and bend the tab. now if it has a plastic float (newer carbs) you may need a new float and/or needle valve.

  6. Hi .. fanguit…..it's really good vid … sir >> I have KIPOR Diesel generator .. it needs to replace the rings … but … I was a little confused .. should I install the new rings with gab as it manufactured , or measure the gab of the ring … and if I measure … how much should I put the gab …in mm >>>> note: it's one piston engine ~ thank you in advance

  7. your better off to replace all the rings on all cylinders, because they are all supposed to be the same, if not you'll have one cylinder with more compression then the others, i don't have the specs for that engine, and i've never worked on diesel engines so i can't really tell you much, but you always want to check the gap first because they are usually to tight at least with gas engines. thanks for watching!

  8. Good video, I learnt something thanks. I have a question, recent I took off the top end of my Harley engine because it was making a chattering, tapping sound when I first started it up. Cold Start. then it went away after a minute or so. Anyway after removing the Cylinder Head and Valve cover I noticed a bunch of crud and crust on the piston and valve cover. I don't mean just carbon build up, this looked like the stuff was fused on the piston and intake and exhaust. 1. What could have caused that and 2. like an idiot I used a wire wheel to clean the Valve Cove and made some scratches and caves in the thing, 3. would it leak oil? I want to put it back together after I get some new pistons, rings, and valves, pushrods etc.. but this is not a lawn mower and is very involved. Do you think I can smooth out the Top End components and how? 

  9. I figured out what I'm doing with my bike…I'm getting two used Briggs and Stratton engines, weld them together and install them in my crankcase with a lot of form a gasket. Should work just fine. Good vid and thanks again! 

  10. WOW….I actually read your text inside of your video and it answered all my questions I had. Thank you very much for your great video!!!

  11. I just took 2 bad engines and made a good engine,Briggs & stratton 21 h.p. the thing started and ran great for ten minutes turned it off went back to it and the thing started smoking, not teribly bad but bad enough to where i wouldnt want it.lol..but I pulled it back apart and the ring gap on the top compression ring is like only .010 i mean its like a new engine there..so what the heck started this smoking issue..I never had the head off of the one I had running so figured the head gasket was ok..you have any ideas for me to look into? Thanks!

  12. I bought a new piston assembly (499909) for a briggs 8 hp model 190707, but forgot to check the ring gap before assembling. How likely is it that the new rings needed filing?

  13. I am attempting to replace the rings on a B & S 14 hp cast iron engine (model 300424). I ordered a rings set (part number 299690) per the B & S parts manual, but the ring gap is 3/8 of an inch. The question is where would I find a ring set that would fit this engine other than the original B & S part number? Also the new ring set did match the original ring set. The original ring set did smoke badly and it was difficult to start. Any help you can furnish would be much appreciated.

  14. The actual root cause was the model number. My engine does not have any model/serial/type/etc. noted on it. I thought I had the correct model number based on a tractor manual engine reference. The engine model number in that manual listed it as a 12 hp., but my engine turns out to be a 14 hp. I ordered a new set of rings based on the 14 hp. I have received them and when I put them in the cylinder bore the gap was exactly 30 thousands.

  15. I just measured my gap it's .052. My question is, Should I go with standard 8 hp b&s rings or by the more exspensive "30" over rings?

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