How to operate the Poulan Pro 42″ 960420183 riding mower… and my issues

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The 42 in vented stamped deck draws air from the top of the deck, helping to keep the air flow moving under the deck in longer grass You can also mulch or bag with the optional attachments
The convenient Automatic Transmission lets you operate the foot pedal like you would the gas pedal on your car No stopping to shift gears, saving you time while mowing
Durability and performance delivered by a 155 HP Briggs & Stratton single cylinder Overhead Valve Engine with an easy to service air filter Design to run cooler and cleaner, delivering more power when needed
Oscillating Front Axle for level cutting is coupled with a floating deck to provide you a level cut even in rough terrain
6 cutting positions provide you the flexibility to adjust the tractor’s cutting deck to best match the current condition of your yard and the desired length of your grass.

Item Dimensions 34.5 x 45 x 72.75 inches
Manufacturer Part Number 960420183
Model Number 960420183
Shipping Weight 457 pounds



25 thoughts on “How to operate the Poulan Pro 42″ 960420183 riding mower… and my issues

  1. WTF was this video supposed to be? I'll be writing Youtube to demand my 7:19 minutes of time back. Couldnt click the thumbs down fast enough.

  2. So an $1100 mower should have a leather steering wheel? Self adjusting suspension? Turbo charger? Carbon fiber hood? Wow man, maybe for $10,000! It's a LAWNMOWER!! This was pretty funny.

  3. Reverse mowing capability is what sold me on Poulan Pro. Had mine for a year now and it has been worth the cost.

  4. Thanks for the video. Just got my first riding mower which is a Poulan Pro. Really had me going for a second on the "premium features" you were hoping for. I feel like I need to add a neon kit and some spinner rims to step up my mower game.

  5. At 2:27 you say you can't go into reverse with the blades engaged. That's wrong, if you look at the icons above the key the second one shows a mower with an arrow pointing back so turn the key back to the left one click and now you can go forward and reverse with the blades engaged. At least you can with mine. Great review

  6. I just bought one but I tried to start it won't start, do you have any idea how to start it sir, if you do can you help me out little that'll be great!! Thanks

  7. I'm assuming if I could have seen your face in the video it would have been straight 🙂 Funny Vid! And informative. Any particular wax you would recommend?

  8. At first I thought he was serious… as he kept going I couldn't help but laugh… the under steering instructions… perfect.

  9. Honestly, the primary reason I didn't go with this model is that they completely neglected to include some trivialities like air conditioning and side-impact airbags.

  10. So… you want a $1500 riding mower with a turbocharger, carbon ceramic brakes, magnetorheological shocks, and a 5 point harness… I think if you get a Porsche with a couple of weed whackers on the side… you'd come out cheaper.

  11. I just purchased the 19hp version and what a steal at $900 with the DOHC twin turbo, 4WD with 3 inch lift, Air suspension, Right Hand Drive, Pinetree air freshener, 50 inch wheels, four wheel disc brakes, five gears forward and three in reverse, undercarriage track lighting(changes red to green), and hydraulic jack stands that I use to jump tree stumps with.

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