How To Properly Fix A Valve Seat on a Small Engine – With Taryl

In “Taryl All Over The World”, another hilarious yet informative how-to video, Taryl scours the earth for a used head for a customer before showing us how to properly stake back in a valve seat. Be sure to check out the video for more. And There’s your dinner!

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48 thoughts on “How To Properly Fix A Valve Seat on a Small Engine – With Taryl

  1. This just happened to me. I almost had a mental breakdown. Then I watched this toothful hick easily fix the issue and I feels welling of hope in my heart again

  2. Never took an acting class.. pfft… yeah right! Epic videos every time! Thanks!! Academy Hamms award winning stuff! ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ๐Ÿบ

  3. The silliest way to do how-to videos, wow. Not funny, it is purely silly, as in silly dumb..

  4. Hey Taryl..where could i buy a valve seat for my honda xl 250? Automotive machine shop or i got a spare head,i could heat the area around the seat and knock it out?

  5. Just pulled the head off an old Briggs and Stratton 5hp to clean it up and check the valve lash. When I pulled out the exhaust valve out popped the seat. I'm going to put the seat and valve back in, replace the spring and keeper, and try staking the seat back in. I plan on gently staking opposite sides, top and bottom, left and right, being careful not to push the seat out of center. I googled 'briggs stratton 130202-4003 01 exhaust valve and seat', and your video came up at the very top. I was looking to buy a new one, but your vid has convinced me I don't need to. Thanks!

  6. I love these videos. The special effects are hilarious. I think Peter Jackson got his inspiration from watching Taryl videos. He probably fixes his mower himself now too.

  7. I accidentally ruined my exhaust valve seat and removed it but tried to find one online and it was impossible. Anyone know where I can find an exhaust valve seat for a
    Briggs and Stratton 44P777-0412-E1 ? 26 hp.

  8. Most of your video's are really good. And you are getting good with the green / blue screen. I always get a kick out of watching. You know those idiots out in Hollyweird are going to get envious of your skills at making movies.

  9. That's exactly how it is looking for the used parts at the shop. I know I have one of them somewhere around here. Hahaha

  10. I wish I had a nickle for every exhaust valve re-seat on an old B&S L-head, I'd be rich. Especially the opposed twins. Those engines loved to spit valve seats for some reason.

  11. Hey Taryl,

    Love your videos.
    What would happen if a lose seat was cleaned real good and reinstalled with only red thread locker to hold it in place?
    Would it give way over time?

  12. Taryl, I have an older (1984) Honda mower that blows smoke when started from cold state. It smokes until it warms up, taking perhaps a minute or two, at slow speed. It is possible to fix this, or should I just give it up as junk? (I like the thing, as it has a shaft drive for rear wheels, and it's easier to push (than the new ones [belt drives])when drive not engaged. It never fails to start, and runs very good otherwise. I've done maintenance through it's lifetime. (I'm the orig owner). If you have time, I hope you can answer my question. (This is the only way to reach you that I know of). Thank you for your videos. God Bless you Taryl.

  13. I've got a flathead Briggs and stratton lawnmower that's doing this it will actually run and suddenly lose compression as the exhaust seat pops out then fire again when it slips back in and it will begin to run like an old hit and miss engine except not as perfectly timed so I'll try this trick and make a video out of it.

  14. I believe Loc-Tite makes something for automotive applications. I would use that but still stake it in like you did. I hate it when I get chucked through a window. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. I love your funny videos. I have a 10T802 that runs real good for a few minutes. It smokes from the muffler and there is blow by from the carb. And oil in the carb.

    Head gasket I'm thinking ??? ย What's your thought about it ??

    I would love you to check my cousins videos out. He is almost like you but with a Cajun Twist !!

  16. We have here in northen Finland guy just like you in our neighbour. He fix other people stuff and shoot rabbits all day long. You do very helpful and funny videos. Thanks dude.

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