How To Properly Set the Governor On A Small Engine – With Taryl

In “Taryl Takes A Vacation”, another informative and comical how-to video, Taryl breaks up Junior’s film crew trying to film a how-to video without him before showing us the proper way to set the governor speed on a small engine. Taryl also gives you an in-depth, inside look on how a governor works. Now there’s your dinner!!

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50 thoughts on “How To Properly Set the Governor On A Small Engine – With Taryl

  1. Taryl, where are you located so, I can see how far it is for me to bring my lawnmower in for repair. I live in CT which is located on the map as in the New England area.

  2. I actually understood your video better than the "pro" or "repair shop" type videos. And the comic relief helped as well because I was about to turn my pressure washer into a small boat anchor after I smashed the hell out of it with a sledge hammer. Thanks for the tip

  3. Never watched you before, but I'll sub! Finally! Someone explains the governor! Thanks! I'll be following your instructions for a tecumseh 3.5hp engine on an edger! Maybe now I can fix it!

  4. You guys are retarded! Not only do I love your videos, I think they are the most informative and demonstrated by a true expert. These videos are hands down the best on the net. Keepm comin.

  5. Y'all are so funny and creative! i watch y'all some times for enertainment! and got my riding mower riding here on the hills of californya. btw i got my dilema solved with the floating rpms! thank you!

  6. A person has a PROBLEM with his engine and you got to watch this shit before, sometime, maybe they might show SOMETHING to do with what you went to this video for….maybe, if you have the time.

  7. I had a runaway engine in a $75 18 1/2 HP Craftsman yard mower. I thought it might need a new engine or might have had a blown governor. I took a chance and bought it as is. Now it runs great. My throttle cable sheild was stretched. I had to adjust it in toward carb to slow the range for throttle down. Thanks for the tutorial on governors. I haven't adjusted one since high school 4H. I need about 6 tires on wheels. Where is the best price on the internet for mounted tires?

  8. Would this cause an engine to run slow and cut off after 20 to 30 seconds. Please tell me your not on vacation again. LOL oh by the way this push mower is a Briggs and Stratton 5.5 with Automatic choke.

  9. I installed a new carb and starter. Engine fired right up but ran fast and throttle control had no effect. Governor shaft is same as on your video. Using vicegrip pliers, shaft movement is the same regardless of direction I turn, i get resistance in both directions with same amount of free movement. So not sure which way to go. Tried both ways, and governor lever moves either way. I tried adjusting, but result was engine went even faster, screaming fast. After messing with it both directions, all engine does now is backfire up thru carb. Seems like some sort of timing issue (?) Got any advice?

  10. You guys are funny! Hi Taryl, have watched your videos before, very helpful, That being said I'm trying to fix a husaqvernal trimmer 223L for my nephew. About to drive me to drink. It runs for a few seconds and dies, have got it to run for a few minutes, but sooner or later it dies. She likes to flood easily also. Put new carb, new plug, new fuel lines, filter, rubber guides for fuel lines top of tank. Nothing seems to work, any ideas would be appreciated.

  11. Is it the same on a Honda? Also I just wanted to say I love your videos! I watch them even when I don't have a problem with a mower I'm working on I just watch them to watch them

  12. Thanks for the great video. I really appreciate the way you explained how it works then how to set it. I followed your directions and now it runs great.

  13. I have a model #917.272910 craftsman tractor with a 20hp v twin that runs wide open when the engine is running i can take my finger to where the governor linkage attacks to the card and manualy throttle it down but as soon as i take my finger of the linkage falls straight to wide open any ideas?

  14. got a question for you its with throttle on my craftsman lt1500 it runs on full throttle all the time if i turn throttle down it wontidle down and some time it works fine would you know what the problem is and is easy to fix and cheap

  15. or you can just beat on it until it stops doing anything. i do like the low tech RPM tool, i think i was born with that in me, i put my hand on a motor while its running and my thing starts shaking

  16. I had to order a new governor oil slinger. When I got my new item, the plastic gear is stiff and requires a bit of force by hand to turn. in the past all governors I have dealt with would spin freely by hand. Do you think I have a defective governor? I really need to get my mower working as my grass is getting high.

  17. hahaha everytime I watch it , It get's funnier and funnier Thanks Taryl
    I had to watch this again to set my governer,But now the plastic choke on the carb broke, Now I'm screwed. my luck 🙁 piece of junk Predator Motor

  18. It's important to mention that the governor screw is a REVERSE THREAD on models that have the flat head screwdriver inside the bolt (maybe others too). I just tried to adjust a 6hp Briggs & Stratton's governor and busted the damn bolt in half trying to take off the damn washer, which I thought was seized!!!! I was actually TIGHTENING it by doing the "lefty loosy" routine!

    Not a happy camper! Part seems to be discontinued on the Briggs & Stratton site on top of it! 🙁

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