HOW-TO Quickly Start A Generator That Won’t Start!

Filmed April 2014

In this video I show you how to quickly start a generator that won’t start!

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37 thoughts on “HOW-TO Quickly Start A Generator That Won’t Start!

  1. Thanks Donyboy, I had a power outage yesterday and tried for hours to start my champion and it wouldn't even think about starting, I syphoned out most of the old gas and filled it with new and it still wouldn't budge. By then the power was back on and I kicked back and relaxed and that's when I thought to look you up, so I went to get some starter fluid and today I'm smiling! ? Thanks Don

  2. hello., i basically started my generator and on applying load it suddenly turned off..,so i started it again increasing the speed to max..,which made matter worst now it wont start anymore.i had this fix last week and basically my repairs visits are taking up a toll ..can u please help

  3. is there a way to connect a battery to a pull start generator to create a spark? i have replaced the carb and still does not start. the ignition coil test returned a weak multimeter signal. i was wondering if there is a way to create a spark using a battery connected to the spark plug or any other suggestion?

  4. I tried this on mine and no luck. I have a DuroMax XP4400EH. It starts fine with Propane but not with gas (Its Dual fuel, LP/Gasoline.) It will barely turn over when trying to run it with new, 91 octane, non-oxygenated gas. Any ideas?

  5. Thank you very much for this video I was able to run a non working champion generator 3500 w 6.5 hp I think that is the
    Same engine as yours thank you very much 🙂 if anything If anything happens again with my generator I know that you have the solution 🙂

  6. I've been having issues with the same Gen you also have. I've poured a bit of gas instead of the start up sprayer. It did turned over but it quickly stopped. I did it twice and same result. What could be the problem? Am I doing something I'm not supposed to or is it just a bad carburetor? anymore tips please. By the way. my generator has been sitting in my shed for one full year had gas in it.

  7. Hi Don, great video, have what looks to be a copy of that generator with the same problem. Made the unthinkable mistake of leaving gas in it, and now see varnish(?) brown buildup around gas tank filter. Going to remove all gas, and try again. I read somewhere about a fuel filter that also gets clogged, do you know how to reach that filter and clean it? Thank you for your excellent video!!

  8. Don, thank you so much for making this public service video. I followed the troubleshooting steps just as you did and the issue was water in the line because it sat for so long. After i removed the reservoir (My setup was a little different) container, I drained it and saw the puke colored liquid come out, used a little start fluid to rinse it out and put it back together, it fired up and sounded wonderful. Now we are ready for Hurricane Irma.

  9. I appreciated the information. We're getting ready for a hurricane down here and we pulled out of generator that my father-in-law has not maintained and roughly three years. We're trying to just get it to start and run it all. We can hear it trying to ignite. I managed to get it to start and run, but I was having to manually adjust the choke in order to keep it running. It sounds pretty rough. I know we're not working in ideal circumstances, but is this just a matter of the carburetor needing cleaned? And ran sensibly, but roughly whenever we had the choke at about half. It slowly died whenever we had the choke totally open or closed.

  10. Watched your video. Craftsman Generator with a 10 HP Briggs & Stratton. Sprayed the starter fluid into the carb, closed the choke and it started on the first pull.

  11. I was dealing with this problem for days and watching many videos about this issue, until I saw your video. Thank you for making it.

  12. This was a HUGE help today. We have been without power for 18 hours and got my dad's generator going with your video's help! The fridge is nice and cold again!

  13. Dear Dony,
    Many thanks for the Tips.
    Very useful to know. Please could you tell me about SIP Generators? How reliable, economical and powerful will they be in comparison with other makes e.g Honda etc. I never had a generator. I need a reasonably a good one for my power tools to be used away from mains.
    Like the way you explain things without any "padding". Best of luck.

  14. This only works in very,.. very mild cases!! If it's been sitting for a year or more… the carburetor has to come completely apart… I've even had to sand blast in some cases because the corrosion was so bad..

  15. Good vid BUT water dissolves in ethanol (alcohol) faster than Scotch.  It doesn't separate, water mixes with gasohol. Old gas is basically varnish, where all the good stuff evaporated out and all that's left is nasty-smelling gum. When you have the carb bowl screw out, squirt a good amount of that carb cleaner in there to dissolve varnish and gum. Gasoline won't do it but carb cleaner will. I tried a can of brake cleaner, again it's very flammable but useless on varnish.

  16. worked like a charm….thanks! I verified the spark then used the starter fluid and bam! I like the added tip below to shut off the gas line. My B&S generator seemed to run for at least a minute or two on the gas that was in the line.

  17. After draining my fuel bowl, and fuel line. I add about a bottle cap full of mystery oil , to my carb, through the inlet. It's worked good so far. Just don't use so much,that fuel won't be able to go in, and mix with it.

  18. Dony, we had in the valve right under the gas thank like muddy residue. We got it out (WD 40 may help to untie that bolt, ours got really hard, so once finished I didn't tight it THAT much). Our filter looked impeccable. We opened the carb drain pan, spotless. So we tried it once and right on it cranked and kept going. I liked to choke it to half so it doesn't consume as much or at least it doesn't make like gasping noises. As I guessed, it has two filters so I guessed is filtrating too much.

  19. Just saved my life. Today is January 8, 2017 and a big blizzard is on the way. I could not start my Generac generator but after the above video and a few tries it started and everyone is happy. Thank you!

  20. I have a Chinese made BlueMax 8000W generator. I have repeatedly had carburetor issues since purchase. My current issue involves fuel flooding the bowl and pouring out the overflow. The bowl has a float but also has an electrical switch mounted to the bottom where the standard drain bolt would be. I'm thinking this switch has shorted and is no longer obstructing fuel flow when the bowl is full. The local repair shop wanted to put a new carb on it but now tell me they can't even find one. I do not believe that this can't be fixed but it looks like it's up to me now. The generator is approximately 7 years old and probably has a total of 25 hours run time on it. I know we live in a disposable society these days but a $600 generator is NOT disposable in my opinion. Any insight you could provide for parts/testing would be greatly appreciated

  21. hi danyboy my generator comes with battery cables that it can be turned on with just a push of a button. but
    can you tell me a. model and. amps that I can use thanks

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