How To: Re-Wire a Riding Lawn Mower

Push Button Ignition (Newer models may require more wiring for anti-backfire solenoid)
A really simple wiring system that will charge your battery. Great for use on racing lawn mowers, and off road mowers who want to bypass all safety switches.



42 thoughts on “How To: Re-Wire a Riding Lawn Mower

  1. so I have a winch on my craftsmen riding mower and the winch keeps killing my battery. so I want to run the alternators juice to the winch. what should I do?

  2. Alright, so I have an older 12 horse Briggs on a bush hog. I wired everything up just like the video, also replaced stator and starter solenoid. The weird part, is when I hit the start button, you can feel and hear a humming as if there's power going to the solenoid but it doesn't click or fire the starter. Ive even tried 2 different momentary push button switch's. I have double and triple checked all the wiring but the motor will not crank using the push button. Yes, I made sure the kill switch is mounted correctly, and even still tried starting motor with it in both positions anyway, and had no luck. I'm at a loss here. If I just put the positive to the starter the motor starts and runs great. Hoping to have some more insight to what could be my problem. Also, I double checked that the solenoid is grounded.

  3. so i followed this video and had everything running fine. tried to start it today and i think the starter got stuck and then my push button wires burnt up. have any idea why this might happen? it was a 20 amp push button. i think 16 gauge wire. it worked fine when the starter actually spun.

  4. I know this video is 7 years old but I hope you notice this, thank you so much. My dad's lawnmower (I'm 14 by the way) wouldn't start because of the key starter. This video helped me fix it and I know more about the lawnmower.

  5. All the wires going to battery power, should I solder or can I just crimp on eye ends and fix em all to the post on the solenoid with a nut?

  6. Hey, I have a question! I have a old dynamark 88 riding mower that i turned into a off road mower and I put a Briggs and Stratton 21hp v-twin on it and when I did the wiring, the charging system has 2 wires coming off of it, a red and black one. And when I connect the red one to the battery, if I let it sit for a few minutes you can smell something burning and then you can see little puffs of smoke come from the flywheel area, and suggesting on how to re-wire up the charging system for it??

  7. Thanks I got a old 1970 canadiana and founda 11 hp for it and the wiring is messed so this will work good thanks It originally had an 8 hp and would not work had everything it needed Couldn’t get it to work but 11 is better anyway

  8. Ok…Can you make a video of this but without having the headlights or charging cable. Im not able to follow this. Or message me privately. I have a brand new solenoid. And a toggle switch. But im a bit slow. So i can't follow what you're doing. Even when ive watched this video 17 times.

  9. Thanks a lot on your comments on the switch on the swisher, it was simple and to the point and the main thing is it worked great. Ken

  10. How do you keep your battery from going dead from back feed to your alt. Stator? I have not got a diode in mine I had to go through the ignion switch. Some of the mowers use the key switch to shut off the charging system. So be aware of that too.

  11. I rewired my mower and the stator under flywheel smokes so I keep it disconnected not sure what's wrong.

  12. I'm gonna be doing all of this, but here soon I'm gonna make it so I don't need electronics, all I need for the shut off is the choke, then next time it'll be easier to start.

  13. i have a 15.5 HP Briggs my wirings the same as yours but I have a blue wire that is for the fuel solenoid I cut the tip off it but the mower still won't run.Does this wire have to be hooked to power ? it also has a red wire that loops over to it. it ran before I swapped to my new mower so I know it runs it has spark and gets fuel not sure why it won't start. I was going to use the original wire but there's so many safety switch while my JD I swapped engine over to had only one safety switch.

  14. i have a wheel horse c-125 with a kohler 12hp
    and it has a coil that isn't a kill switch so it doesn't get grounded it gets a power supply interrupt
    (automotive coil)

  15. Hey jw if you could help I've done this wiring and got the lawnmower running but the kill switch doesn't cut the engine and have to stall it any help be good
    Tia 👍

  16. thank u todd this is the best mower rewire video ever. im 15 years old and i was able to rewire my 1986 mtd lawnflight 5 speed and it was a breez after watching your video thank u for it

  17. Hell o fearless, I was wondering if you could help with a rewire for a john deere rx75? I have included a link to the wiring diagram, it seems a bit more complicated than my murray, Murray rewire went well, but the john deere causes me to hesitate…please help. thx!

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