43 thoughts on “How To Re-Wire Your Lawn Mower With Key Igniton

  1. thank for your technical support and the chuckle i got when you toasted your wiring ! ok my 1995 briggs 14.5 has a red wire and white wire coming out from behind the starer are both of the hot ?

  2. Take the shroud of the engine, and there should be 1 or 2 wires coming from under the flywheel. and one black wire going to the coil(s) If there are two coming out of the flywheel they are both hot yes the negitive side of the altinator goes to ground. Hoped this helped! 🙂

  3. I did something similar to that, but I have a toggle switch and in replace of the push button, I have an old key starter from a push mower that turns, and when u let go, it goes back to the original position

  4. i got my starter wire hooked to my solenoid, i've just been to lazy to unhook my battery and get to the back of the switch and do the work. you'd probably say "WOW! hes lazy"!!" until you see my tangle of wires ive got.

  5. Nice job kid.  That helped me get my mower goin today.  Hope you get extra-credit in shop class for your efforts.

  6. hey offroaders the wire that comes off the alternator that is for the lights can i just run that wire with the other wire that comes off with is back to the batter

  7. Are you saying we can eliminate all safety switches right there at the ignition key unit? Hope so! Beats buying new switches. Just got new battery, new starter and nothing happens except I see I have power to headlights.

  8. this is exactly what I am trying to do.. you lost me when explaining the mistake. but you done a fantastic job. got the drawings and will try this tomorrow.. have blown several fuses so far… old craftsman lt1000. eliminated the safety switches… thanks;; the GMAN has spoken !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. awesome job fella, wish i had've found your page like a week ago..engine swap craftsman 17hp off rider, putting it on a encore walk behind, which was originally a pull start, now it'll be key start and was having a helluva time. i'll be definately trying what i just saw in the morning…great job…

  10. smart kid. I have a mower i had a push button switch but i thought it looked tacky. Good advice on how to step by step rewire while keeping the same factory look thanks

  11. You're testing various pins on the switch , but your volt meter is completely hidden ! YOU can see the meter read out but WE can't ! How do you expect the audience to differentiate between a correct reading andor incorrect reading on their volt meter ?

  12. When you have an infinaty reading you do not need a number it is zero … on the smoked wires .. jk .. All electrical componets are packed with white smoke if you do something that releases that smoke the part must be replaced .. great video

  13. I learned quite a bit today from this young man and I must say I feel proud of today's youth as a result of today's lesson.  Good job, lil guy!!

  14. excellent job young man! You are on your way to a promising future!
    your vid cleared up some questions I had!
    Keep up the good work!

  15. I'm impressed with your knowledge, but never think, that something cannot happen.
    My daughters were forbidden to ride on their grandfathers tractor, because he was an alcoholic and he hacked everything he did.
    Including bypassing safeties etc.
    One day I walk out on the porch just in time to see the youngest one dive off the tractor so the older one could jump on before it stalled out.
    She missed and the mower ran over her legs.
    By the grace of God only , it did not cut her to pieces.
    Stay safe!
    You are smart enough to do it right.

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