14 thoughts on “how to rebuild 2 stroke engine part 1

  1. You should always stuff a rag in the crankcase in case you drop something!! If that circlip fell in there you would have to take the whole engine apart!!☺

  2. i use lucas two stroke oil, and those rings look good on camera but the way i tell sometimes is if there really springy, and watch out those china rings snap or crack really easy. make sure your gasket paper is good for gas, i have some stuff it is a roll 18'' by 36'' and i forget the thickness but it is resistant to gas oil and resistant to alot of stuff. when ever i make a sump cover gasket for something i keep the inside piece it works good for stuff like this

  3. that had yamalube but im gonna have to buy regular oil for break in. i have some of that stuff. i used it as the cylinder gasket on my dirt bike.

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