HOW-TO Rebuild A 2 Cycle Chainsaw Carburetor

In this easy to follow video I show you how to rebuild a diaphragm 2 cycle carburetor.

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31 thoughts on “HOW-TO Rebuild A 2 Cycle Chainsaw Carburetor

  1. Hey Dony,I have a small similiar Tillitson, the nylon fuel inlet is cracked on both sides. I was told there is no replacement part. What direction do you suggest…maybe an petroleum friendly epoxy from Can Tire?

  2. good job Don keep up the good videos. When I get stumped I go to your site, Jeremy Fountain's, Bruce Pender ( the Godfather of small engines -lol) and few others. thanks again

  3. Hi Donny, At the end of the video you checked to see if the HDA120 would hold pressure. If it did not hold pressure where would you look first for the loss of pressure?

  4. excellent video. i suggest you also add a link for carb pop out pressure tester sten 705-020. i have replaced jonsered 70e ignition. has 50 psi. how & where do i check for compression loss ? i have ordered new indian made vec piston & rings. txs

  5. Thanks for yet another great video. Great in both content and technical clarity. Your video quality is the best I've seen; always making sure we see what you are discussing as well as the focus and clarity.

  6. I'm having difficulty with Stihl MS 311 / 391 carburetor. Not sure how linkage and operaton is supposed to work. Would be awesome if you could explain some time. You're the best.

  7. Don:  Question I have a Walbro WT-134-1 carburetor cleaned it (ultra sonic cleaner) new kit, new fuel lines new fuel filter and new primer bulb this is installed on an older Homelite timberman 45cc saw. runs good then it looses its prime! I remove the top of the carburetor and have plenty of fuel coming in to the carb however the primer bulb is squishy after removing the top of the carb the primer seems to work and gets the prime back! What do you think might cause this?

  8. i have a craftman model#31679191 try to start it an it backfire an pull back when trying to start it,  is it timing or what do I check is a trimmer

  9. Nice vid as always!! I'm 15 and in high school and while I'm in high school I do small engine repair as a sort of a side business to make some extra cash on the side . while I have a lot of small engine tools and general mechanics tools but the one thing I have problems finding 2 stroke carburetor tools and I have a few questions for you if you don't mind. first of all are you a dealer for any line of two-stroke power and if so do you get their specialty tools and if so do you also get to sell them to your customers ? secondly do you ever use a drywall screw to remove limiter Caps on two stroke carbs? Thanks and have a great nite!!

  10. I have a Walbro carb on my Homelite gas leaf blower that is giving me problems. First off once I get it started it won't increase in speed. And while running gas runs out the air filter. Does this mean I need a new diaphragm ? Thanks !!

  11. This is the best! It's an especially careful, clear presentation on the spring, lever and pin. Your video helped me, a first timer, to rebuild a Walbro 25 A 926 carb for my Shindaiwa T230X trimmer. You've saved me and my family so much money. I have subscribed to you page.

  12. My Walbro wyl carb passes the presure hold test. But fails pop off.
    You didn't do a pop off test, several techs and Zama advise not to do a pop off test.
    Carb did not pop off at 35psi, i did not want to exceed that. Will my carb work?

  13. When you work on a 2 cycle carb the first thing you do is take it apart and test the check valve or valves in the carburetor. If it has a bad check valve in it, STOP. You need a new carb. This will keep you from buying a carb kit that isn't going to fix the carb anyway. I have punched the check valves out and replaced them on some carbs. Just depends on how much a replacement carb costs.

  14. My kit came with a white colored plastic diaphragm like the one he used in the video. The kit also came with a blue plastic one shaped exactly the same.  Since the original diaphragm was blue, I used it. Does anyone know why the kit came with two diaphragm's shaped the same? Walboro wt 454Kit  K-10-WAT  01   2014

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