31 thoughts on “How to rebuild a 2 stroke carburetor

  1. good video,  explanations,  I just started looking for a camera that will work  like this,.. back a while I noticed the quality of photos/ vids in the ebay watches sections some are extra fine focus on the better instruments.   regards

  2. Excellent video. I am new to chainsaws and this will help during the learning process. I picked up a few chainsaws for a song, one of which was a free old Craftsman that needs carburetor work.

  3. Hi, I face an issue of Fuel Economy, Power & Pick Up
    Kinetic ZX Zoom 2 Stroke (2001)
    The carburetor seems to be leaking.
    I recently got the bike serviced & the mechanic changed the float pin/needle. Earlier before this the bike gave me a modest 35-45 kmpl. But now it's dropped down to 15/20.. Kmpl. Also the initial pickup & instant pickup of the bike has fallen drastically. Besides, when I open full throttle the bike stops after a minute or so.
    Kindly help & instruct me as to what needs to be done.

  4. Good quality, detailed and informative.  These little 2 stroke motors seem to die after 3  or so years and I know it is only problems with fuel delivery.  Maybe this can get my tiller going again this year.  Thanks!

  5. the rebuild kit for my stihl bg 85 leaf blower was 18.00 with out tax the whole carb ready to in stall with it pre adjusted for 30.00 bucks just saying .

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