14 thoughts on “How To Rebuild A 3.5HP Tecumseh Lawnmower Engine Part 1/6

  1. @mrvitaya i seen ur comment is 2 years old but if you hit something and it stops the engine really fast usually the flywheel will want to keep spinning from all the counterweight and usually the impact will shear the flywheel key and the sparkplug will not fire at the correct timing and it will not start or it will just pull the rope out of your hand or other weird stuff… check that if you still have it or havnt checked yet.

  2. all those bolts are standard you will strip them if you are not careful all though it is not always the case most american made machines are standard and foreign or imports are metric. Although now days alot of the american made stuff is metric newer cars and trucks seem to be all metric with standard mixed in.

  3. oh just kidding, i thought for some reason the tube was supposed to be connected to something on the open end, but i realized its not, i havent been running it with things not hooked up after all lol

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