How to Rebuild a 5 hp briggs and stratton engine, and convert it to run on water Series 1 Part 1

give a man a fish he eats for a day teach him to fish and he eats for a life time. i wanted to show people the components of small engines seeing as there wasnt a single video of how to completely take a small engine apart. watch this series to see how to self run an engine on water starting with a small briggs and stratton.



22 thoughts on “How to Rebuild a 5 hp briggs and stratton engine, and convert it to run on water Series 1 Part 1

  1. No, if you give a man a fish he owes you a fish and a half. Every day he doesn't get you that fish and a half he owes you another half of a fish lol.

  2. Before this 2 years ago I looked and it was a bunch of people saying hey look what I got. If you can inbox me a video predating mine that shows as much as this video on a small engine I will be more then willing to apologize for my mistake. But i had looked and when my friend Austin showed me all this I had never seen some of those tools.

  3. Wow I just had to stop in the middle of this video just to post this comment that the piston is not moving but the valves were moving perfectly

  4. 10:35 you don't NEED that tool to remove it. I just take a hammer and hit the little tab sticking out and that spins it right off.

  5. The saying goes;Teach a man to catch a fish and cook it they he rides around in a boat fishing and he drinks beer all day.Then hes to sick and drunk to eat.LOL

  6. I watched the whole video just to see how to get the motor to run on water. They should have PART2 how to change charcoal briquettes into diamonds in your back yard. 

  7. Spoiler alert, this is a boring 5 hp rebuild video. It's never shown running on water. Or even running, Or even finished. Dont waste your time.

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