42 thoughts on “How To: Rebuild a Briggs and Stratton Intek Carburetor

  1. Because you don't put oil on every gasket. Carburetors don't like oil so adding more oil to the gaskets isn't going to help anything. The only gaskets I ever oil are oil filter gaskets and engine gaskets like crankcase gaskets and such. You don't need to oil carburetor gaskets.

  2. Check your individual model number stamped onto the front side of the engine by removing the plastic housing. Mine just happened to be 31G777-0806-E1 and the rebuild kit for MOST 14-18hp Intek
    ( Model# type# ) Briggs and Stratton Engines is 697241 (which has superceded older kit numbers.be sure to check visual pic for right parts.

  3. Thanks for the Vid. Was helpful however breaking down this carb I would recommend the kit before disassembly,my carb bowl gasket broke due to brittleness. The rest were good and could have been reused,though I would not recommend it.

  4. got the same carb on a 17.5 briggs.   how do you get the needle "seat"/"tube" out.  there is looks like there is no "seat" down in the bottom of the tube, just an open hole.  kit came with 2 tubes that fit where the needle goes with 2 different size holes.  you did not show how to replace the gasket under the  one rod and and how to replace the spring/foam under the other.    do I need to take the "rod" out of the middle where the float goes?   I did and cleaned it.  screwed it back in.  

  5. with SO many parts in the rebuild kits, it's too much to pull the WHOLE carb apart. I used a can of carb and manifold cleaner on the one I have and it wasn't enough without the simplest of parts of the hinge pin and the float needle, which appears to be related to my fuel supply problem. Either not enough fuel or too much flooding out the engine and leaking out. Glad I didn't try to start it with the plug out and wire arcing igniting the gas….omg

  6. only discrepancy is that is the carb cleaner isn't an acid – its 20%+ petroleum distillates, 20%+ 2-butoxyethanol, and 10%+ naptha with remainder petroleum-solvents.

  7. Removing, and re-installing a carb is a pretty nornal – simple task for a mechanical enclined person. Shade tree mechanics such as myself want to know more about the technical end; float adjustments (if any), gas passages, air passages, etc. To me (I have and could be wrong) all that was done was a simple air blow out – no carb kit needed. >>> sorry to be so critical! <<<

  8. If your careful you can get the carb off without taking the top cover off. Just be careful with the linkage and remember where you too it off.

  9. Good video but you said the plastic serves no other purpose but to connect the carburetor to the engine….. It does just that but it's also your intake. I know what you meant but somebody else less knowledgeable than yourself may get confused. Keep up the good work!

  10. Thank you for polluting the drinking water as you clean your parts in a regular sing with hot water running, for that you get the ASSHOLE of the year award

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