34 thoughts on “How to rebuild a briggs and stratton opposed twin carburetor 3/3 fuel pump

  1. the fuel pump runs on vacuum from the block ck the line to the block to see if its not cracked i "test"mine with a hand held vacuum pump the rebuild kits are cheap i would pull the carb and pump apart and clean and replace whats needed if its sat for a bit it could be clogged up on the inside

  2. Great video. My problem is that when the engine shuts off the gas runs back into the feeder line and there is air present there too. When I restart, the pump has to suck the air up first before it gets gas into the carb, needing extra cranking. Is this normal, and if not, what is the solution, please. Thanks.

  3. sounds like its loosing vacuum on the line i would make sure the line at the carb and filter has a clamp on it could be the filter or lines are old and cracked

  4. great vid why i didnt find this vid a month ago, i couldnt find a good vid and no one made clear where the springs went and turned out i was missing one and the big spring was on the wrong side of the diapharam. thumbs up man

  5. Just had one done still no fuel getting in the float bowl,got fuel in the line to the pump,pulse on the other line,Maybe getting frustrated.Ttook the carb off ,checked the needle valve looked good,float ok BOWL DRY.The pump was just a pump kit .LoOKS LIKE I am doing it again.Do you have a part number for the complete carb kit? Thanks for taking the time to make this great video!

  6. Good video great job. I did find that it was a little bit easier to keep all your gaskets in line by putting the 3 bolts in then do the gaskets and throw it on that way seemed to work pretty good!

  7. For the first time in many years, I cannot start my snapper ride on after winterizing it last fall. If I add fuel into the carb, it starts and runs for only a short time and then stops. I noticed there doesn't seem to be any fuel being sucked into the carb. Can I just replace the fuel pump assembly? can I do it without removing the entire carburetor?? The engine is a briggs and Stratton model 40437-0113-O1

  8. what is the kit PN? need to order one from ebay or local shop. How do I find ID nr on carb or is there one, cost is ?

  9. Michael, great video dude ! I was able to easily rebuild my Briggs 12.5 twin carb. The issue for me is that this did not solve my problem. I am hoping that you can help me. This is a 1987 simplicity tractor. I always stabil my fuel in fall and run fuel out until it dies. Oil in cylinders, pull battery….done. I have always had to pull a little choke at running speed to keep it from sputtering back. This year I have to keep the choke almost all the way out to run it. I push the choke in to idle though or it will die. I am totally stumped. I changed fuel filter (twice) as well. It runs the same after my rebuild as it did before. Any suggestions ? ? Thank-you soooo much for these videos and any help that you can give me ! Larry

  10. Im see someone posted their phone #, if you do call people my number is: 847-three 5 four- thirty 1 70. Thanks Michael, I am at a complete loss !

  11. Michael, or anyone else with the need full choke to run ! ! ! My carb did NOT have that large bottom bolt that yours had. mine has an electric solenoid that cuts fuel when the switch is turned off. It was not pulling back in. I read a forum that said to get one or cut off the old one and make sure that you idle down before turning the key off. I had BIG problems even finding one, and then it was almost $100 ! I always idle down before shutting mine off, so I cut it off. Runs like a dream ! ! ! Hope this helps anyone else with that problem !

  12. Good job. I just got a 19.5 and I wanted to see what I was getting into before I started, which I did. Got to do some deck work but it's in good shape otherwise. Thanks Michael.

  13. So would this all work for 15/16/17/18 hp engine's? It all look's the same to me! Tht engine of ur's look's identical to my 16 and 18 Twin's….

  14. Why would you not take this Carb apart and Soak all of it first? The way you are doing this job in phases, you can't be sure that trash isn't passing into the areas that are reassembled.

  15. Mike HELP I lost one of the tiny springs for the fuel pump Where do I get one . My rebuilt kit only had one tiny spring I thought I could use the old one but it was bent

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