How to rebuild a Briggs and Stratton starter motor (replacing bottom end cap assembly)

In this video i am showing how to rebuild a briggs and stratton starter motor. I do it the easy way, just replacing the entire end cap, you can just replace brushes, just easier and faster to do it this way, plus you get a new bearing. Thanks for watching



28 thoughts on “How to rebuild a Briggs and Stratton starter motor (replacing bottom end cap assembly)

  1. @fnaguitarplayer9  Thanks for the reply.  The model for my engine is 31C707, type is 0154-E1.  I also have a 2005 troy bilt pony with this same engine.  I hope this is enough for you to find the starter part.  Thanks again.

  2. Hi.
    Great selection of Videos, took my first briggs engine apart using your 4 videos. I've got a problem with a 12.5hp engine, the starter won't stay engaged, it turns engine for about a second and then the bendix drops out starter keeps spinning, engine won't turn. any help will be great. keep up the great work.

  3. this is a great self teaching method. I was planning on replacing the brushes but I see that replacing the end cap is better and easier.  thanks so much!!

  4. Thank you for the video.  I was going to buy a brand new starter for Dixon tractor, but with this was very helpful.  I hope I can fin the end cap for my starter or where did you buy yours.  Was that a 14 point gear on your starter?

  5. I am trying to replace the exact same starter as in this video and the windings on my motor are black and burnt. Do you know where I can get a replacement?

  6. Are all starter gears somewhat the same? I have 16 tooth one that's plastic so does that mean I have to get another plastic one or could I get aluminum

  7. I bought a salvage 12hp I/C from a Murry to repower my Snapper. When I hooked jumper cables to the starter red to positive lug the black to ground the starter wouldnt turn. Not froze will turn by hand.My cables got hot. Does that mean starter is shorted out?

  8. Hey man I'm just wondering where you get your parts from. Also are the starters universal, I have a starter here and i cant seem to find a replacement online. Theres only one number at all on the starter and its etched into the mounting bracket but nothing comes up for that number.

  9. I need to replace the gear on my starter, but the pin wont come out. Nothing I have tried will get it out, what would you suggest?

  10. After watching this very helpful and informative video, I decided to take the starter off my 16hp B&S engine to see what could be done (was working intermittently for the longest time then went down for the count). Initially after taking it apart, I was a bit discouraged, as mine didn't look as bad as yours, so I figured there'd be no fruit for my labor. I cleaned everything off with compressed air and then a rag. Hit the commutator with 220, then 500 by hand, and cleaned in between contacts. Found what appeared to be a spot where the windings were touching near the commutator and broke that connection. Lubed bearing surfaces, and to my surprise, not only did the starter come back to life, it works better than it has since I bought it used. Thank you very much!

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