How To Rebuild A Briggs & Stratton Flo-Jet Carburetor with Taryl

In “Slippers VS. Andy Pt 2: Jr, I Shrunk The Pests”, another informative and funny video, Taryl shows you what to do when rebuilding a Briggs and Stratton Flo-Jet Carburetor. Prior to and After the fix, Slippers and Andy’s nonsensical feud continues! Now There’s Your Dinner!!

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24 thoughts on “How To Rebuild A Briggs & Stratton Flo-Jet Carburetor with Taryl

  1. I am currently rebuilding this carburetor (soaking in vinegar right now).
    1) Shouldn't there be a gasket between the carb and air horn support against the bowl? None shown in parts diagram or video
    2) Mine is a snow blower with a non-adjustable tube intake unlike the air horn. When mounting on carb, 1/4" space when installed and air horn in video shows a flush fit. Aso, there is no gasket and non shown on parts list unlike the video 16:53. Should I drill a hole and make it flush and also get/make gasket? model 190412, type 1024-01
    3) Everyone questions your tee shirt when i wear it. I watched your video 3 times before starting this project.

  2. This brought back a recurring nightmare I had when I was in 1st grade about being flushed down the toilet. I guess i won't be sleepy well for a few nights.

  3. little propane torch can loosen that emulsion tube if stuck and aluminum is good heat sink and won't melt but might warp if using to much heat to quickly so small flame and 5 minutes usually works👍

  4. I can't believe I've never seen this one before! I thought I've seen all Taryls videos. Good timing too as there wasn't a new one this week (5/20/18)

  5. my grandpa had those screw drivers …… he died in 88, thanks for reminding me , his briggs ran for over 40 yrs … wish they still made the cast iro flatheads

  6. i believe the booger you removed at 9:30 was a teflon washer used to seal the emulsion tube to the bowl on a leaky flo-jet, per Briggs 1996 update

  7. There should be more good people around like you and me. I ordered the rebuild kit and a bunch of assorted just in case parts before i took my 2 piece flo jet apart. I got everything I didn't need. The brass seat was a mess and none of the needles from BS would work. I figured i do a little investigating and I found your amazing video. Thank you for sharing your expert knowledge. I was prepared to buy an upper body for $75.00. I found the brass needle seat and ordered it. I used your method and popped the old one out. I was amazed the part was available and even more amazed how your extraction method worked. I definitely would have butcher that upper casting. 1985 Briggs I/C 8 HP. THANKS AGAIN

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