20 thoughts on “how to rebuild a Carburetor Briggs & Stratton

  1. have this exact engine…my carb "bowl" keeps emptying, even after diaphragm replacement and even carb replacement. what to do!!?? runs great if i fill the bowl manually!

  2. Hi good video but didn't fix my tiller,I had to get another carb.I think the problem was when I cleaned the old fuel out of the tank I heard something drop I think it was the push in jet as it didn't screw in like on most carbs.But it's fixed now and runs great.Thanks again.

  3. Thanks for the video. I have a 1992 MTD edger with the exact same carb set-up. Your video helped me greatly. I'm just waiting for the carb/gas tank gasket to come in, and she will be up and running.

  4. I have one for you I have the same setup worked ok last year . I replaced the diaphragm
    and then a carb kit. It will start with carb cleaner in the carb. It will also start and run if you put your hand over the carb. It just stays at a ruff idle and will not go any higher
    If I let any air into it it stops . I am lost.

  5. Haha I don't mind them myself, their simple to me. It has no float and I guess you would say the tank is the bowl. Briggs calls it a pulsa-jet carb and it uses draws fuel up the pickup tube to run the engine. That diaphragm is the fuel pump and it works from the vacuum in the intake.

  6. Good job! Those stens kits are for several different years so you get leftover parts. I always try to save the pickup tubes and clean them out good to avoid the problem you had.

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