How To Rebuild A Kohler Command Carburetor with Taryl

In “Loathe Thy Neighbor”, Slippers and his neighbor Ed take an interesting trip to the shop before Taryl shows you how to rebuild a Kohler Command carburetor. He also covers carburetor kits for the Courage engine and how to install the needle and seat. And There’s Your Dinner!!

**IMPORTANT PLEASE READ**: When Using Purple Power (as shown in this video) BE AWARE that some carburetors are a mixture of different alloy metals and the Purple Power will attack those alloys leaving a white chalky residue. So only soak the carburetor for a couple hours or so in order to avoid this. Although the chalky white substance on the carb WILL NOT hurt anything.

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24 thoughts on “How To Rebuild A Kohler Command Carburetor with Taryl

  1. Hey taryl I have a Kohler vowing command with a 24 053 90 carb that I am rebuilding. Can you help with a video on that model? Looks a little more complex than this one.

  2. Good Video, I have a 1992 Craftsman riding mower with a 15.5hp Kohler Command engine with the fuel pump which was running pretty bad( running mostly with the choke on) Watch your video and ordered the -04 kit the one with the special screw tool. Open the carb up and to my surprise, my carb had no sleeve in it just a needle valve, and the fiber needle seat.Took them both out. So I installed the rubber needle seat and the needle valve that were in the package. Put it all together and it runs like a champ I Guess not all Cmd engines with the fuel pump need the sleeve Thanks

  3. wow, thanks for the videos, i just started back at my friends lawnmower fixing shop. these videos are really helping me catch up to reasonable proficiency.

  4. Hey Taryl great video man. I have a question regarding the carb kits, I think a shop here in my city maybe trying to scew me.
    I have a Kohler Courage 20 Model/Spec: SV710-0019 and I contacted them asking about a Carb kit and they told me " The only way to get the inlet needle and seat is in the carb kit #24-757-46 lists for $124.97ea in stock." Than I seen your video and it would appear the #20-521-02-S would work for my engine (it has a fuel pump). Can you confirm?

  5. Hi Taryl, I am a huge fan and have learned a lot from watching your videos. I have a Cub Cadet LT1045 with the Kohler Courage engine and it does have a fuel pump. I am currently rebuilding the carburetor. Based on this video it looks as though I will need the 20 521 02-S. My question is this. Will that kit have everything that I need in it or will I have to buy something additional like you had to do in the video? (For example, the seat) Thanks for any help and keep the videos coming.

  6. Hello Taryl need some help from i have snag tooth to on a cab kit i have a kohler cv730-0031 nikki made in japan 24 053 92 i cant find a cab kit to repair it any help wold be great thanks i have bout a kohler kit 06-1026 but not the right kit thank taryl fixes all 🙂

  7. Hello, hope fully you can help me. my carb featured in this video floods into the air cleaner tube. is that a symptom of a bad needle and seat?

  8. So I broke off the top of the flang that the pin goes through that holds the needle/float assembly. I've got it stuck back on with some J B Weld. Do you think that will hold? I hate to think I would have to buy a new carbetrator! Thanks- you are the best.

  9. I second the request on making a video on adjusting the carburetor. I know that on the Walbro there is a black adjustment on the left side of the carburetor and then a screw/spring adjustment on the top. Would be awesome to see a video on adjusting the carburetor for optimal performance.

  10. Really learn a lot from your videos as well as being entertained. Quick question – I have a Courage 22 Kohler engine on a Toro LX460 that ran beautifully for 10 years – no issues. Then all of a sudden started blowing white smoke. Long story short – I ended up putting a cylinder/head gasket on it, did a valve job, as well as reset the valve lash on it. Also cleaned out the carburetor and got a rebuild kit for it. One thing I noticed that it didnt have a welch plug but the welch plug was in the kit – so I went ahead and installed it – My question is does the Walbro carburetor that's on many of these gravity fed carburetors not have a welch plug. Either way it run so much smoother now that I added the one that came with the kit. Anyways wanted to get your professional advice on it. Thanks so much for your videos.

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