How to Rebuild a Tecumseh Carburetor

Skip to 1:56 to see the carburetor being rebuilt.
Also remember when rebuilding, cleaning is just as important, if not more. Carb cleaner basically gets shot in all of the tubes and orifices in the carburetor using the straw. Other videos on Youtube as well as one of mine go into more cleaning detail.
In this video, I show you how to completely rebuild a Tecumseh Carburetor. I go into more detail as to replace the o-rings in the emulsion tube. I should have changed the primer bulb as well. The machine always ran well, but I decided to rebuild it later when winterizing sine it hadn’t been done upon cleaning. I didn’t necessarily notice a great deal of a difference in performance, but it stopped my gas leak problem from the bowl gasket being old and brittle.

This was my first how-to video video, so I may have been a little slow at presenting the information. It’s best for someone who hasn’t done this before.
I believe the bowl nut was actually a half inch and not a 13 mm.

The engine starts on the first pull every time.



39 thoughts on “How to Rebuild a Tecumseh Carburetor

  1. Thanks for the extensive detail. With all parts needed for mine, o-ring seals, needle and primer bulb, I decided on a $16 new carb. This was a big help. Can't wait to mow the tall grass.

  2. Thanks for the help, mine was a different size motor off a lawn mower, but all I needed to do was to rebuild the bowl and float.

  3. Great video! Well thought out and great instructions. I usually never comment, actually this is my first, but thought yours deserved a job well done.

  4. Dealing with same problem now on high wheel trimmer  . . . any link to buy the carb
    rebuild kit at best price in Canada?  Will likely replace primer bulb, its due to give the usual problems.

  5. i found that if i am replacing the o rings or seat i use a small wood screw or even a machine screw to turn into the seat or stuck upper o ring and pull it out. that is easier for me than trying to pull them out with wire, just a trick i learned.

  6. I need that exact carb and wondering the model number and where to get it.I don't like rebuilding because its easier for me to just get a new one. I would also like to know what the red slide switch is for on the front of the motor? Bought a used tree shredder and havent changed carb yet to get it running and was wondering about that red switch Thanks

  7. great video I'm doing the same thing but it's driving me crazy I tried to do it on the lawn mower itself and get away that easy way but it didn't happen for me the emotional Rings seem to be where the problem could be at 2:50 apiece that's a rip-off we could get those from an old ring kit

  8. hello venturi,
    a very nice quality up close video, i have a 1974 rotospader from sears, going to do carb rebuild for it.

    thanks for the up close video.

    blessings to you and yours, snj in beaumont cally

  9. Great video. If I purchase a new carb can I use the old Fuel Mixture Screw to avoid having to reset the mixture? Thanks.

  10. The carburetor on my tvm220 motor… For a fisher sander… Has a spring loaded float level… When I took it apart I didn't pay attention to the location of the spring.

    Any insight on how I can get the spring back in the correct location?

  11. I think you did a great job on this video, I am very impressed, and remember one thing about your style "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". I find no fault in your presentation.

  12. Thank you, nice video, I was having trouble with the carb on my lawn mower and your video helped me get it running. Many thanks, -DaveG

  13. Fantastic! Great video. Looks like a Tecumseh Series 8? You see these all over the place. Looks like a lot of work but once you've gone through this once it's a 15 minute job and great seasonal maintenance to keep your engine in peak performance.

  14. Venturi2012

    Since this video is 5 years old, how long did this carb run before it had to be rebuilt again?
    Hopefully anyone reading these posts can help me with my next question. I have two carbs to rebuild, the needle seat that I took out of one carb has #31 on the old seat, the seat in the new, rebuild kit has #33 on it, is this ok?

    My second carb has #205 on the old seat, the needle valve kit for this second carb hasn't arrived yet, should be here on July 12th, which is tomorrow, should the seat in the new, yet to arrive needle kit also have #205 on it?

  15. I noticed some tecumseh carbs have a screw in jet that screws in after putting in the emulsion tube , the one in the video didn't have a jet!

  16. Great video and instructions if you have the time. Or you can buy a newly rebuilt one on ebay/amazon for $15.

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