How to Rebuild a Two Cycle/Two Stroke Engine Carburetor

In this video Mark shows you how to rebuild your two-cycle engine carburetor using a manufacturer’s rebuild kit. Parts in the carburetor wear down due the the ethanol content in gasoline, so it’s important to maintain your carburetor when parts begin to crack and become brittle.

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35 thoughts on “How to Rebuild a Two Cycle/Two Stroke Engine Carburetor

  1. I don't understand why some 2cycle carburetor don't have rebuild kits.
    like homelite 26bv carburetor #308028007
    Do we replace the whole carburetor in this case?

    I rebuilt my carb now its constantly flooding. gas spits out by spark arrestor . have to take spark plug out and crank it a few time . put spark back in and fires then dies. flooded again.

  3. I have a Tecumseh tc300 that is very hard to start even after cleaning the carb. You can get it started with starter fluid but once you get it started it runs great. One reason might be something wrong with the primer bulb because you push it and it doesn't tighten up with gas like it should. Any ideas?

  4. Excelente. completo didatico. eu estou sem dinheiro e busquei um melhor video que me ensinasse a limpar o carburador de minha moto serra;muito obrigado; forte abraço,luciano

  5. I'm a big fan of your videos and have used several to rebuild various tools/equipment. I'm surprised you didn't suggest blowing any air through the fuel line pick up/purge lines or using any carb cleaner on it. Any reason not to?

  6. What's the best way to clean the carb. I have changed all parts but it still won't run, I think it is a jet or port that is blocked. The one in the throat I can't get to or remove.

  7. Mark < Do you have any video's for sale on reassembling a chainsaw ( crankcase to starter assembly) .I have a Husqvarna 445 . engine I need to reassemble and would like some assistance . Thank   You // Sonia A

  8. I have a sears self propelled mower engine model number 143..986700 and I took off the bowl of the carburetor and used a bread tie wire to put in the holes and cleaned real good then replaced everything. The mower now acts like it isn't getting any gas at all. Before it would start and would stay running unless constantly priming huum what can I do now and a few questions if you don't mind. Why on earth does just a new kit make things all better. I don't know what the gasket type thing that goes on with the gasket actually does and I also have a lettile tube that sticks down from the carb and goes into the botton bowl not sure what that does either and I may in fact have a spring missing but wasn't sure ass I didn't see one when taking apart. I couldn't find a video for this particular carburetor. Thanks for any help.

  9. I find a lot of warpedparts, like the Thicke aluminum over with the single screw. This seems to be the situation on mostly the Chinese versions that some manufacturers use now.

    What I've been doing is surfacing them one a piece of 180# wet/dry paper, masking taped to the surface of a piece of glass.

    These warped parts are showing in Craftsman/Poulon and a few Stihls. Husky has not had any that I've found to be Chinese.

  10. I watched your video and ordered carb. parts for my weedeater featherlite. Your lady was very helpful. Parts worked like a charm. Thanks so  much………:) Dave in Kansas

  11. I guess I'll have to start all over I went through that and still doesn't work right mine is different both tubes you hock the hoses to are on the same side I have wt520.

  12. Now see I did all that and now putting my carburetor back together, first fired up really well when I give it to gas it chokes out. Any idea what that might be?

  13. Please explain if it is possible to put your needle lift bracket on upside down. I fear i did this. Now my primer bulb collapses on itself. I thought the lil lipped ring on the needle lift bracket or Fulcrum is what one end of the spring goes up against. Now THERE'S NO PISTON MOVEMENT TO THE NEEDLE. ANY HELP?
    And could you tell me what model carburetor goes to a weed eater power pro edger.
    Thxs a ton.

  14. The needle valve & spring reassembly with 76 year old eyes and fingers is a bit slower and requires the use of multiple words not generally used in mixed company.

  15. Ours has 2 red screws that only allow 1/2 turn, you don't know them on this? Are they the l and h adjust or caps to stop further adjustment?

  16. Thank you. Excelent procedure. I just cleaned a lawn mower carb. for the fist time from another video. Never attempted this work in the past and I am 53. Now that I have seen the steps I feel confident to rebuild the carb. on my Dad's chainsaw.

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