19 thoughts on “How to Rebuild a Zama Carburetor- Echo Backpack blower carb

  1. the carb for my blower looks very similar. there are two fuel lines from the tank. how do you know which fuel line goes to which inlet on the carb? does the larger line go to the top (primer bulb) or to the middel layer of the carb. the metal inlets on the carb are the same size i think even though the vinyl tubes are different sizes.
    also which line gets the in-tank filter? i had to put in two new lines since the old ones fell apart.

  2. It is a poulan BVM200 blower and it is a C1Q zama carb body. i found my answer on zama's website. they have a good diagram showing the proper configuration of the fuel lines. the larger line with the filter goes to the mid-body. the smaller line goes to the primer.

  3. Excellent demonstration. Especially with one hand! I had the two diaphrams one is much lighter than the other. I chose the heavier one because it was what appeared to be on there. I dont have much luck with 2 cycles. Thanks for posting very helpful.

  4. i have an echo pb-403t and i rebuit the carb. before it was a nightmare and the blower would work when it wanted to. i would have to mess with the adjustment screws constantly and or open the carb from the blower. After the rebuild it started for a few seconds then wouldn't start at all. only way it will run is if i loosen the two carb screws that hold it to the blower and let it suck in air. what do you think is the problem?

  5. come back when your balls drop boy that was the worst demo on how to replace components in a carb and get someone else to do the camera work putz!

  6. Your video would be so much better if you would put your cam on something so you could use BOTH of you hands,,,not trying to be an ass just you should be trying to make the best quality video possible..Go to Wally world for $8 dollars you can get a small tripod sit it up on something your hands free…It matters no one gets drunk and dizzy trying to watch your videos I hope this was a HELP ..Linda

  7. really helpful, got my mcCulloch leaf blower working great-would not prime or run before-thanks! 

  8. Thank you for the video.  My chainsaw has a similar carburetor; its an Echo.  The pump bulb will not pick up fuel and it's new.  Also, it will only run for a few seconds.  Seems to be the same symptoms as the blower in the video.  So, a carb kit should get the pump bulb working again then right?

  9. Nice job doing it one handed,  tough to get that needle and spring back in with that spring trying to get out on ya.  Only thing that might need mentioning is the bulbs can get hard and crack or not pump very good. Plus these days you can get a new carb off ebay for about same price as kit.

  10. I cleaned out all the parts and all the seals and diaphragms looked like they were in good shape. I've had a stroke and I don;'t have money to buy a kit, I put back together, but it still will only start in full choke and nothing else

  11. Sorry, I meant to say, for a first timer, I liked the way you explained yourself and it was pretty neat one-handing it. Those negative guys should try to put a video together themselves or shut up, I thought you did an excellent job!

  12. The "welch-plate" you did not take out gives you access to the idle circuit for the carburetor. There are two tiny holes under the plate, it is important to clean them out.

  13. I've always used 1 1/4-1 1/2 as a starting point then fine tune from there by adjusting the low speed first then the high speed. Most of the time any change in low speed adjustment will require a high speed adjustment.

    If it doesn't work out, rebuild the carb.

    Before you go through the rebuild process make sure you have adequate compression, fuel lines are good, new intank fuel filter, new plug, clean air filter and remove the muffler to make sure the exhaust port is clear. While the muffler is off, inspect the cylinder and piston for any scoring/metal transfer, particularly if the compression is low

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