28 thoughts on “How to Rebuild an EJ25 Subaru Engine – Part 1

  1. You wouldnt happen to have a list of all the required equipment to do the job by any chance would you? +Ratchet and Wrenches

  2. Thank you for the vids!
    This vids are very important to me.
    Can you tell me if i can put 2.5 non turbo pistons into a 2.5 turbo engine? Both engines are from 2004.
    Thank you!

  3. Sir do you recommend to buy a Crosstrek. I'm looking to buy a new crossover with off-road capabilities. Especially looking for something reliable and with good fuel efficiency

  4. I want to learn how to rebuild engine's. what is the most BASIC engine I should learn on 1st? I have a Saab 9-3 engine but I think it's a little complex for a beginner? any recommendations

  5. question: how can i put the small plastic cover in the back on after it broke the pieces that keep it on it .the one you put a long screw driver when putting a harmonic balancer

  6. Wondering if you could answer this… in need of 06 2.5i ej253 but the 2.0 ej203 seem to be a lot cheaper and easier to find. Would i run into any problems if i put a ej20 instead?

    hope you can help, thanks!

  7. this was a great video that got me through the process of getting a 2.5 long block ready to go into a 2002 Subaru Outback.  While I was completing this job the 2.5 ltr turbo in a 2008 I own died.  Can I use the 2002 2.5 to replace the long block in the 2008 turbo version?  if not maybe the short block?

  8. At 4:455:00 what is the name of the part you are removing? hat function does it preform? I noticed earlier models without electronic throttle do not have that pipe. min what is that called?

  9. That little moment 5:24, in showed I'd not mounted the knock sensor correctly. Every detail counts so once looking here again, I saw my mistake and now SHE RUNS FINE! 
    No codes!!!  Thank you.

  10. This is awesome. I am planning on rebuilding my 2.5 Rs that has the same rev knock so this definitely prepped me for what I need. Thanks for all the work you put into making it!

  11. Thank You !!! I will Never pay for a Mechanic again….. You're an Angel in disguise! You just saved me so much money, and helped get my Subaru Outback back on the road…. If I lost my job right now I would be in serious troubles…. Thank You Sir 😉

  12. Oh man, watching use a bolt rounder (adjustable wrench) breaks my heart. I chase out anyone holding one from my garage.

    Also, better than PB blaster = 50/50 mix of acetone and ATF. Just use it in a metal oil can and don't forget to shake it as it separates. 

  13. Hey I have a 2003 Subaru Impreza 2.5 rs. I also have rod knock. Would the rebuild for mine be the same process? And if not, then what would be different? If you could help I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

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