How to rebuild an engine honda.Honda gx240 rebuild. Honda generator repair part 3 of 3

Honda GX-240 engine rebuild.Complete engine rebuild step by step and easy installation for you guys to do it yourself DIY.
A Honda generator that i completely rebuilt after being started up with no oil in the sump (running at 3000rpm). The piston and rings was seized to the cylinder the con rod was
seized to the crank, not even a mallet could move the piston, the proccess of all these are same you can easily rebilud your engine By watching this video.This is the Honda GX240
this will be the same for all the Honda gx series engine.

Use this as a guide for the honda gx160,gx120,gx200,gx270 models.

Here is a list of the most commonly replaced parts associated with each generator symptom:

Engine leaks gas: carburetor gasket, float bowl gasket, fuel tank, fuel line, carburetor, fuel shut-off
Engine won’t start: spark plug, carburetor, ignition coil, recoil starter, start switch, safety switch, on-of switch, flywheel key
Generator stops after a few seconds: Fuel cap, carburetor
Engine runs poorly: Carburetor, carburetor repair kit, spark plug, fuel filter




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6 thoughts on “How to rebuild an engine honda.Honda gx240 rebuild. Honda generator repair part 3 of 3

  1. carboned up piston back in without cleaning same with valves no torque settings and valves not set up and you realy expect me to believe it ran properly afterwards pmsl

  2. Ow and besides: maybe you should lash the valves, torq your bolts, put a little more assembly lube on the parts break the engine in with new oil. Just a tip.

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