How To Rebuild Briggs & Stratton Opposed Twin Cylinder Carburetors with Taryl

In “Harley Returns” Taryl shows you how to rebuild a Briggs & Stratton opposed twin cylinder carburetor. Prior to the fix, local lawn mower abuser and criminal, Harley, busts out of prison and pays the Grass Rats a visit! Be sure to watch before and after the fix for the whole story! And There’s Your Dinner!!!

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35 thoughts on “How To Rebuild Briggs & Stratton Opposed Twin Cylinder Carburetors with Taryl

  1. All I wanted to know was how to sort out an opposed twin carb and I stumbled on to this…..Taryl, these videos are the most informative and entertaining that I have ever seen, Thank you. Dave, From NH.

  2. replaced choke cable ,used torch cleaners to open jets , added best grade of gas and connected to a 300 crank amp bat. I watched and followed your advice to the T. thanks so very much. i have never tried this before!!!

  3. Taryl , you are a God sent , i had two lawn tractors at a shop. they sat there for two years. I brought them home they would not start. I watched your videos and got my 1996 Murray 14 HP briggs & stratton started 3-4-2018 . i removed back wheels put tubes in tires,unstuck the brakes,rebuilt the starter, rewired 'replaced ignition switch and solenoid , replaced all fuel lines,rebuilt cab

  4. Taryl love the show but i wish you would rebuild the Nikki 6 that what i got on my and can you tell me how you put fuil pump back on with out taking the carb off

  5. Hey I have a question. I have the same carburetor as the second one in your video on my 19.5 hp opposed Briggs and Stratton twin. It surges on any throttle position and I cleaned the carburetor and rebuilt the fuel pump and still does it. It runs perfect on 1/4 to 3/4 choke. When it's about to die it squirts gas into the carb. You can see it if you take off the air filter. If you can help me that would be great. Thanks – Buck.

  6. Hello, love the video. I have a question. I have an Ariens H16 with a Briggs & Stratton carb the older one you mentioned with the low speed adjustment screw in the front and the adjustment screw between the front and the right. I rebuilt the carb put everything back together making sure the float valve was adjusted. I also made sure the throttle cable with the engine off, closes the plate at low speed and is open at high speed. When I run it and put it on high the throttle plate always stays shut. If I put it in gear or try and run the blades it just stalls out. Any help please.

  7. Thanks for the video!
    I just did an engine swap on an 80s model rer Snapper and put a 2000 model Briggs 17hp Twin 2 on it. The engine idles pretty fast and I can't seem to get it to adjust down. Seems like the governor takes over and won't allow it to idle down. Does this sound like a governor adjustment issue or something else? I'm not very familiar with these engines yet, thanks….

  8. HI Ive got a B&S, opposed, flathead 20hp, rebuilt carb and pump, when I got it it didn't run and the sump gasket was leaking bad I replaced the sump gasket along with head gaskets,etc. I fired it up and it runs rich, not horribly bad , but bad enough to make it run with black smoke. there is no fuel screw just a brass jet that is not adjustable,screws in front of the carb. Any ideas?? thank you!

  9. hey man, thanks for the Video, just got my briggs back running today(oonly to have the deck blade housing break and fall out from under the mower) but the step by step was amazing. thank you guys from maryland.

  10. HA HA HA! ya make it interesting to watch an informative video! found a briggs kit 693503 on ebay for 22 bucks and rebuilt the 4 screw carb and gas pump. wasnt too bad of a job, and my carb had a plastic float. now it works pretty well. also added an after market magneto for $12…figured i roll the dice! so far so good. thanks for the video!

  11. I have a ULTRA by murray garden tractor automatic drive 20hp/46'' industria/commercial engine and im trying to get it running i test all of the safety switches and the solenoid they are all good but have no power to trigger the solenoid to start do you know what could cause that if you could help me it would be well appreciated

  12. hey taryl do u have any used or rebuilt old scool briggs motors for sale i want to put one on my lawn tractor . i.m serious about buying one

  13. Taryl, your awesome!! I love the opposed twin, they are the most reliable engine from Briggs, in my opinion. Love to see your videos, educational and entertaining.

  14. i like to use ebgine oil on the tiny parts and around the rubber gasket seals its kinda sticky and really helps hold the tiny parts together when rebuilding the pump. Also IMO it beads water and helps the gaskets swell into position once its all back together. The last time i rebuilt this carb was 10 years ago when we bought the last battery! This mower has been an amazing one we got it on 95! knocks on wood

  15. Boy what a blow to this twin when the vanguard v-twin came out. this rascal loved gas and hated keeping valve seats in. They sure were easy to work on as you said.

  16. I've cleaned a many of these carburetors through the years. These old carburetors are notorious for the main jet getting clogged with debris that gets past the fuel filter. Clean out the jet & the float bowl area, blow it out with compressed air, reassemble & it should be good to go until it needs cleaning again. 🙁 And when rebuilding the fuel pump, use wheel bearing grease to hold the tiny springs in place until the diaphragm & cover can be installed. Gas will dissolve the grease.

  17. YOu're right! The jetted carbs work a LOT better! I got one that even had the jetted main in it and the engine idles like a kittie purring instead of surging all the time. I can set the idle a lot lower too so I can back a trailer without it running wide open. And the HIGH grade gas is the only way to go!

  18. This mower looks exactly like mine: 18HP Craftsman . Where is the engine model number located? I ordered the carb. gasket kit (520-526) on eBay, but it's the wrong one. It has the 4 hole and mine has 3 hole pump.

  19. Yo Taryl where can I get an idle screw as I lost mine in the grass while clean the carb. I thought I was slick like you and dropped it in the grass while working carb on.

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