How To Rebuild The Carburetor On A Kawasaki Liquid Cooled V-Twin OHV FD611V Engine With Taryl

In “Lemon Water”, Taryl shows you how to rebuild the carburetor on a Kawasaki liquid cooled V-Twin OHV FD611V Engine. Prior to the fix, Taryl has to deal with a pushy landscaper that thinks the shop revolves around his problems. Now There’s Your Dinner!!

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21 thoughts on “How To Rebuild The Carburetor On A Kawasaki Liquid Cooled V-Twin OHV FD611V Engine With Taryl

  1. Hi, I've been fighting the carb for weeks now. I watched and followed your directions and got everything back together and fixed the carb so I don't have to hold the choke on. The video was spot on and easy to follow. Thanks.

  2. Taryl got the same engine and carb … after running and you shut it off and after about a minute or two I can see gas leaking from around the float bowl … not the over flow hose but it looks like around the gasket to the float bowl. Ordered a new carb from Amazon (knock off for $50 an original is $250) put it on … started it up and poured out of the overflow. Sent it back found this video took the carb apart cleaned everything and it still after about a minute or two gas seeps out not a lot. Kept reading on the ole inner web found somewhere someone said there is a flaw in the needle seat. The needle does not have a neoprene tip and the seat is permanent. Took it apart again and with a magnifier glass I could see a ring around the tip of the needle. Ordered a new needle and it still does the same thing. Do you know of a neoprene tip needle that would work in this? Now the gas shut off solenoid works when I benched tested it … could this not be closing when the power is off and allowing gas to flow by? Your highly knowledgeable expertise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Rick

  3. LOL – "It's a lawnmower; it ain't the space shuttle. It's not like we're gonna be sittin' there filin' like we're tryin' to get outta jail." Thanks Taryl!

  4. I about lost it with the lemon water…EWWWW!!.😝 YUCK!!.(NO THANKS)GREAT VIDEO OTHERWISE TAYRL and JUNIOR!!.

  5. Little tip for ya! If you play the guitar, the end of the wound strings you clip off make fine tools for cleaning jets . There’s your supper

  6. Love your vidios, you guy's (yahoo's) are so clever.
    I have a kawasaki v twin liquid cooled ohv, engine in my jd- 725 f riding mower. Over the winter a chipmunk built a nest on top of the muffler and long story short… it caused an engine fire. I got it out before catastrophic damage, but the fuel line and two other lines from carb were melted. I can't seem to find a source to know how the lines are plumbed to replace them, can anyone help?

  7. Greetings from Finland. Your videos are great. I´ve been watching them for three weeks now. (Not nonstop, I´m not that crazy!!) I have got a tip for you. Just drill a small hole (3 mm or smaller) through the plastic to the nut (not too deep into the threads) and put a small screwdriver (or some other metal stick) into the hole. It locks the nut. Pardon my English.

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