How to rebuild the Walbro Carburetor on your ice auger

How to: DIY rebuild the carb on your 2 stroke ice auger. The rebuild kit was under $10, and the difficulty rating of this job is 2-beer.

You’ll need:
11/32 wrench
Straight (or Phillips, depending on the carb) screw driver
Carb cleaner with spray straw to clean passages
Carb rebuild kit

Forceps (nice for clamping off fuel line IF it’s not brittle)
X-acto knife
Needle nose pliers



19 thoughts on “How to rebuild the Walbro Carburetor on your ice auger

  1. hello iam in the process of fixing my carb on a 1987 mag 3 just like yours i should have the rebuild kit tomorrow…i was just wondering if you knew what year your auger is?

  2. Its okay socal sounds fun lol…and yeah I figured it out for sure yours is a 1987…I'm in northern new england so all ive been thinking about since september is ice fishing haha…we do not have any ice yet but hopefully by the end of the month. I was on the ice november 4th last year so a year a go to the day but that's because it was a very cold winter. I will definitely check out the forum sounds awesome thanks. I'd love know when you have ice compared to hear in new hampshire. Are you in Minnesota?

  3. Hello MinnowFaces thanks for the video on the walbro carburetor off a jiffy ice auger.Looks exactly like mine ,same time period. It was my dads and hasn't been used in years.I rebuilt mine ,step by step with your video.but I think my dad had messed with the adjusting screws,it fires but wont start,how should I set them .thanking you in advance

  4. Got an old Eskimo ice auger given to me with a Tecumseh motor( TC300-3044C-1276G) on it. It was hung in a garage for 10 years at least with the oil gas mixture in it. Needless to say it turned into a big tarry mess in the tank and I assume in the carb (WTA 3B) as well . Any ideas where I can find information on this motor and what kit I could use to rebuild the carb. I got it running but it will not idle very well and has trouble throttling up. I live in Canada and parts are not as easy to find up here. Great video!!!!

  5. HELLLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have a old eskimo ice auger power drill 8600 with a tecu motor! My problem is, I dont know which carb kit to buy! I cant find any info on this machine online since its old as balls. The carb has walbro stamped on it, but no other numbers. My carb looks the same as yours from what I can tell. If i order this carb kit, should I have a high chance of it being right? This carb kit pretty common on these old machines? Problem with my ice auger, is when i give it throttle, it dies immediately, will idle fine though. Give me your expertise Midwest! Thanks!

  6. Is the carb. you worked on similar to the one I have in my Mag 2000 Strikemaster Tecumseh engine? It is a two-stroke. I've taken very good care of it, but it ran poorly last year and won't run this year. I use non-oxy gas, stabil, etc. Checked the spark plug, etc. So, am thinking it is the carb. Thank you for any response.

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