How To REMOVE a FLYWHEEL on a Briggs and Stratton Riding Lawnmower engine motor

Jeff’s Little Engine Service gives another “backwoods” backyard tutorial on HOW TO REMOVE A Briggs and Stratton FLYWHEEL and ALTERNATOR on a CRAFTSMAN Riding Lawnmower Briggs motor. Flywheel TORQUE SPECS. and removal procedure. Replace Bad ALTERNATOR due to no DIODE. caused a BATTERY DRAIN. Dead battery. Problem fixed! Impact Wrench used, grinder, flywheel Puller removal tool. Covers many different Horsepower engines and motors models
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PLEASE KEEP IN MIND when you are watching my videos: I am showing you the least expensive, quickest “backyard” methods for repairing or servicing your lawnmower. Replacing all components such as gaskets and fuel lines is always recommended when rebuilding or repairing equipment. With these videos I hope you are able to fix and repair your lawnmower yourself with minimal parts, knowledge and tools. ALWAYS WORK SAFELY TO AVOID INJURY. Thank you for watching!



40 thoughts on “How To REMOVE a FLYWHEEL on a Briggs and Stratton Riding Lawnmower engine motor

  1. The old rope down the cylinder through the spark plug hole , then turn the shaft till it tightens works good to stop the shaft from turning

  2. The diode makes half wave dc voltage. More than enough to charge a battery. The battery does not care how unfiltered the dc is it just cares that it is dc. Remember the fly wheel and it's magnets create ac at the tap so you need the diode to rectify it to dc. Just thought you wanted to know. Great video and nice puller for those types of situations.

  3. JESSUS lol but have to AGREE THEY ALL NEED THAT lol GIVE IT TO IT HA like my old UNCLE use to say if you cant get it off with that USE A BIGGER HAMMER! ha !!

  4. Myself, I would have laid 3 five sixteenth nuts on the screwheads and mig -welded down thru the centers .(OR…. Use a sharp chisel to cut the center out of the screen to access the nut. )

  5. Just remove the sparkplug, fill up the cylinder with some rope through the sparkplughole. turn the flywheel just up, then the flywheel won't turn anymore and you can remove the nut without brutal force. Don't put all the rope in, leave a some out so you can remove the rope again.

  6. I lost the flywheel nut on a 5 hp Briggs and Stratton motor on a old Craftsman tiller it is not a 5/8 too large and not a 1/2 inch too small do you know what size it could be or where I can buy one?

  7. You can use a Dremel with a thin 1" cutting disk and lightly and slowly (or else the thin cutting disk will break) cut a slot into the stripped out screw wide enough for a big flathead screwdriver. It works perfectly.

  8. That is absolutely NOT the only way to get the flywheel off.. There are several ways to get them off.. Easiest way is an air hammer or a pry bar an hammer..

  9. I use to use onebut broke. Now I ose prybar under flywheel and hit top of shaft with nut attached to get them off.

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