How To Remove A Lawnmower Blade Adapter

Easy to follow video tutorial on How to remove a lawnmower blade adapter. Visit my channel for more repair videos;

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34 thoughts on “How To Remove A Lawnmower Blade Adapter

  1. I had a particularly old Honda mower and due to another one of your videos I had reason to believe that I needed to change the drive pulley but I couldn't get the blade adapter off. I hooked up a 2 jawed puller and I bent a 2" bolt and no movement. So I spent the next 5 days searching Youtube for the most ideal method to deal with seized rusted parts to get that blade adapter off. I was forced to torch it with propane and spray it with water. Its suppose to turn the rust to a fine powder. In the course of 3 days I torched it and sprayed it with water over 3 times and hooked up a 3 jaw puller that was rated for 7 tons and tapped it with a 3lb sledge hammer all along the way. Then it was around the 4th torching that I got movement after I tapped it with the sledge hammer. I torched it again and at around the 7th time along with the 7 ton puller it went 'CRACK'. There was a larger gap. Further pulling yielded many more cracks as I worked the adapter off of the engine shaft. And there was nobody around to High Five this Magical Achievement with.

  2. Man I'm an idiot !!!!! I have the exact same puller but couldn't figure out a way to use it to pull the adapter off…All I had to do was use a small bolt with it duh.

  3. How do you pull a Craftsman blade adapter with a star in the center,can't push against the crank with a bolt if there is no hole.Thanks Donyboy your my go to lawn mower man!

  4. Is anyone here aware of adapters like this with the keyway cut into the hub instead of the key molded into it?   Issue I have is to be able to control the key length and material the key is made of to help prevent the shaft from being bent when hitting something that will kill engine.   also by having an adapter as this  with a larger diameter disk I can add a clutch material then adjust the pressure by bolt torque or making a sandwich bolted to the adapter.   reason I have used a Murray for "thirty-nine years"  with no bent shaft or broken engine bottom pan.   This mower had an adapter as I mentioned ,  hit at least 10 engine stopping events each year,   "never" noticed any engine problems from these events,  added new rings  in the 40th year,   loaned mower to a "friend",  he burned it up by allowing something bad to get into the oil,   no more loaning!!   regards

  5. Thanks, the puller idea was exactly where I was stuck, went to the auto parts store and signed one out!! Much better than trying to pound and pry off!

  6. Cool Dony, Just the trick I was looking for. My 7hp 18 inch cut Husqvarna is mostly ripped apart now. The rock I hit did not shear the fly wheel locking stock so I moved onto thinking that all the smoke and oil in the exhaust is due to the rings on the piston. I do not have a puller so will need to pick one up. I also managed to break 3 bolts off in the frame of the engine. Two for the mounting to the base of the mower and one that holds the gas can on. Fun times

  7. Donyboy73, what can you do when a mower has been tilted up the correct way, but when you change the blade one finds oil in the spark plug hole, and muffler.?

  8. This is never as easy as depicted here. By the time your down to stripping parts, these lawnmowers have many years on them. These adapters, like many other old hub/shaft components are heavily frozen in place with age. The only way to budge them is. Yes. Put the puller on and load it up. Then apply heat from oxy/acetylene torch. NOTE propane will not work in many instances due to the heat sinking from the crank faster than the torch can put into the piece. Acetylene torches will heat the adapter quickly with much less heat going into the crank shaft. Usually when it gets to smoking pretty good. the load will come off the puller and the adapter then will come off with ease.

  9. Hi I could really use ur help I have a lawn boy lawn mower but the throttle on it is not working properly and i cant get it to work can u help me plz

  10. The shaft on my lawn mower just broke off. The part that the adapter slides onto. The blade fell off with the adapter and the end of the shaft attached. Is this something that can repaired? Thanks

  11. I tried to do this but I just stripped the threads off the bolt I was using and the adaptor just didn't move. I think the heat up method may work but I have not tried yet.

  12. What's the size of the bolt of the second engine? I own a brigs & stratton 098900 series, I have the blade but I don't have the bolt to attach it to the engine and I can't tell the size. Thanks.

  13. Thanks!  Just what I needed.  I didn't know if it was threaded or keyed and pressed and it's in the netherworld where the engine manufacturer and lawnmower makers unite so neither one documented it well.

  14. you can use pb blast spray and tap it lightly to set up vibration so the spray can soak in.  the tapping loosens some of the rust too.  dont hit it too hard though its a crank shaft

  15. Thanks for the confirmation. My neighbor gave me a craftsman self propelled with a lower belt shroud that requires adapter removal to remove (and to access the oil drain). Stupid design…

  16. Thanks for the video, just saved me a headache. One tip i'd give to others is you can in some cases just use the same bolt that was already in the damn thing instead of finding another one. 

  17. I often wondered if that shear pin was holding it in any way. Thanks ..just the video I was looking for..half the search comes from the right name to call that thing..I was calling it a cuppler..or shank

  18. I've never done that before. Mine was so rusted, I couldn't see how it was connected.
    Thanks for preventing me from blowing it off with a stick of dynamite.

  19. Will this work the same on a self-propelled as well? I had 15 year old 250cc Craftsman that died and I bought a 190cc Briggs & Stratton 22" and it does a poor job mulching compared to my ancient B&S mower.

    I could mow 6" grass down to 2" and not have ANY grass clumps…this new one I cut 1" worth and it leaves clumps left and right. I think it's the blade but they use a "hop star" (5 point star) and I can't find a decent mulching blade for that style.

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