25 thoughts on “How to Remove and Replace a starter motor on Briggs and Stratton single cylinder engines

  1. mine looks like the one in the video, except its a 12 hp.model 281707. i replaced the fiber gear which was hung and chew up some. when i tried to start it tore up the plastic thing on the end that the pin fits trough. it hit the motor cover, i guess it needs the end piece on it, may be called a clutch, don't it.

  2. What's the story on that engine? Looks like towards the end there was lots of oil around the engine and axle. Just curious, good stuff.

  3. I bought mine off a guy on Ebay for 8 bucks, even came with a new starter gear, the part # is 26-9362 for that kit. I have a B&S model 281707 as well and used that kit and it worked perfectly.

  4. the sump leaks, this motor is in really rough shape, but it runs good haha burns oil too. i'd like to rebuild it eventually. thanks for watching!!!

  5. haha they do make a pull start for these bigger engines though, i'd kind of like to get one just to see how hard it would be to start, and just hope that it doesn't kick back!!! thanks for watching!!!

  6. I don't know much about working on mowers..Do you have an email where I can email you about a 13.5 briggs engine that wont start? I'll lay out some basics. The correct plug is installed and the tip was getting bent in while running and i heard a clanking while cranking after that. A local shop adjusted the valves and I no longer hear the clank but still no start, new coil also….

  7. feel free to send me personal message on here. Does it have compression? can you feel the compression when you crank it over, if something was hitting the plug something could be cracked, but the shop should have seen that if that was the case. Sounds like it may be in the carburetor, or a kill wire is shorted out somewhere. thanks for watching!!!

  8. I know right! it would be easiest to remove it but if your patient you can do it with a wrench. I need to make a video on removing the starter on a opposed, might save some people the trouble of not having to pull the flywheel! thanks for watching!!!

  9. I think the longer housing one has a little more power, more magnet surface, could be wrong. You could try replacing the brushes/end cap, i did a video on this. I'll PM you a link to a place that sales more powerful starters, just in case you decide not to rebuild yours and i'll attach the brush replacement video… thanks for watching!!!

  10. I have a question I just replaced my starter and now the small wheel with teeth doesn't touch the big wheel so their is no way to turn it over. do you have any idea what I should do?

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